XR constantly losing app connection?

  • Agree - with a video I’d do the repair myself If it’s a matter of swapping the control box.

    It’s doable - I’ve had the decks and skid plates off to look at the internals. I disconnected the footpad sensor cable from the control box - ezpz. I suspect that removing the cables that connect the battery and the wheel motor are slightly more involved but look pretty straight forward. That said, if it’s 500 units and the cost to ship and repair is $500, that’s a pretty easy business call to eat the cost and have happy customers.

    I suspect they are looking for a cheap firmware fix on this and that’s part of the delay in dealing with the issue.

  • update: just keeping you guys posted. Just sent my board in! Now we anxiously wait.

    Will keep you guys posted and report back as soon as possible. Let's do it FM!

  • @JosephpOW said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    iPhone X (no blue-tooth issues elsewhere - and works perfect with my sons OW+)
    iOS 12
    OneWheel SW: Andromeda 4117
    OneWheel HW: 4208

    Data points:

    • When using OneWheel App it's almost never connected. Try to use the watch, even worse.

    • Dowloaded Float Deck app as I wear wrist guards and cannot check my watch, Float Deck somehow maintains a connection much better, giving me regular battery, speed, and other notifications in my earpiece. I still get the occasional drop-out.

    • If I hold my iPhoneX lower than waist height, towards my front foot, or forward back pocket I get a more reliable connection when on the go.

    • When not on the board, , or the board is on charge I can be within 5' to 7' and will get an almost instantaneous connection.

    This is interesting. The last bullet mentioned when you weren’t on the board “moving” or when it’s charging you can connect from 5’-7’ no problem. I wonder if there’s a big draw that’s not providing enough power to the Bluetooth connection when operating.

  • @tomfoolery, from my own testing, I think it is the fact that @JosephpOW ‘s body is between his phone and the board while riding but not while testing the connection while the bord’s plugged in.. If he turned around and put his body between his board and phone within 5-7’ the connection would drop.
    When we ride, our feet and legs are absorbing the low-powered Bluetooth signal. That’s why, sometimes, if you hold your phone away from your body while riding (not recommended) and your front foot isn’t covering the Bluetooth chip too much from your stance, your phone will reconnect. If your board and phone have clear line of sight to each other, a connection can be made between 5-10’ from my experience. But it doesn’t take much insulation at all to make it drop.

  • @eckit and @tomfoolery ... confirmed. When board is on charge and in vertical orientation the signal is strong and can be picked up from 5’ to 7’. When board is on but not charging and ready to go signal becomes sporadic and worse when I put my body between it. So power to BT could be the issue.

    Here’s where confusion sets in for me. The Float Deck App somehow maintains a great connection, faster and more reliably. At the end of each long ride I’ll review the line graph showing speeds, power draw and voltage. That data has to be coming through live to the app unless the board is storing that information ... and it rarely shows a drop in data/connection, although I have no way of verifying other than the summary graph.

    At this point it’s a mild irritant to pick my digital shape via the app at the start of a ride, then kill the app and open
    Float Deck.

  • Thank god I wasn’t the only one! The constant connection loss issue has driven me crazy. I have an iPhone 6s (iOS 12.0) and OW XR (hw: 4208, fw: 4117 andromeda). I ride with my phone in my rear leg’s front pocket, essentially perfectly blocking the BT line of sight.. I’ll be checking back to see what FM does to resolve this issue. I’m in Europe so sending the board back for investigation is not my desired go-to. Good work so far everyone!

  • I'm curious if anyone out there who's XR board has HW:4208 and SW: Andromeda 4117 and Does Not have this problem!!!!!

  • Hi !

    I had the same problem with my Samsung S8 and iPhone XS.
    I found a solution to fix! when I put my phone in the pocket of my rear leg, I did not have any disconnection while in my front leg pocket it did not work.
    Try it ;)

    sorry for my English, I'm french rider :o

  • @suboba Please do report back. I have the exact same problem and was asked to send it in, but decided not to based on the 'your so-and-so is broken because of something you didn't do and that's going to cost you a buttload of money to fix' stories I've heard too often. Curious how yours turns out!

  • Brand new XR, same versions, same problem. I reported it to support, as I think EVERYBODY who is having this problem should.

  • @OneDan when did you buy your board?
    FM is aware of this problem for at least 2 months so my question is:
    Why do they still sell these corrupted units????
    It is a pain in the butt to keep my iPhone in the sock all the time!!!

  • @Jackalope Bought it last week, tested this out on my first ride and confirmed the issue. I agree, shouldn't be shipping with this problem. In my support ticket I put a link to this thread.

  • @Jackalope how can you confirm FM is aware of this problem?

  • @tomfoolery read this thread from the biginning...

  • @Jackalope ...there is more discussion on this at Onewheel Riders forum starting on October 12. I have my ticket open since October 8 - and the board is only 3 weeks old.

  • @Jackalope I have kept up with this thread since the first post. FM is nowhere to be seen. At most I count half a dozen people reporting this experience directly to FM and from what I’ve read, FM doesn’t exactly get to the “tickets” in a timely matter so I can only assume they are aware of this problem on only a handful of boards. Until they make an announcement saying they are aware they may just fix each board, under warranty or paid for as they come in. As far as they know, not every board has been affected by this. From what I’ve read here I’d say it most definitely is which is one of the reasons I haven’t just gone ahead and ordered mine now. It sucks because I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on one. I suppose I could call them and bring it to their attention and report back as to what they reply with in regards to it being an issue. I brought up the ferrite ring problem to them and they said they would not fix it until they broke because only some of the harder riders experience that problem so there’s no preventative measure they will provide for that issue.

  • @tomfoolery
    if you are planing to buy one you should definitely call them directly and insist that you will only buy the board if it is with different Hardware - (not 4208) and Firmware - (not Andromeda - 4117). I don't know what else can we do.

    Despite that problem I love the board!

  • Any known issues with
    Hardware 4206 ?
    Firmware 4107 ?

    It’s from a frontier edition. Ive heard that gets “priority” repairs and an extended warranty. Can anyone confirm?

  • New XR
    Hardware: 4208
    Firmware: andromeda 4117
    iOS 12 on iPhone 7plus

    XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @suboba @eckit @Rado seems you guys have had the most contact with FM on this issue . . . any more responses from them? I had my new XR meet me in Hawaii, so to send it back is gonna cost someone (hopefully FM and not me) some $$$s. Not only that, I'm only going to be here until the end of the month.

    My current solution is that I put my phone (Android Pixel) in the lower front pocket of the cargo shorts I'm wearing so it's just above my left knee. I then use the OneWheel app on my WearOS watch to monitor the speed and battery. This works REALLY well (rarely drops), but is in no way a "solution" to the problem.

    My + at home works consistently all of the time with my phone anywhere on my body or with the OneWheelWear watch app directly connected to the board, so there is definitely an issue with these newer XRs.

    Let us know if you have or haven't heard back from FM . . . the XR world awaits!

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