XR constantly losing app connection?

  • UPDATE: ok guys, as promised, I am reporting after my test ride after receiving my board back.

    Today, I ran two trips, 4.1 miles and 6 miles, on a single charge with not a single drop! The duration for both trips was about an hour. I was riding really slow, since I haven't had my board for a while.

    Now don't get too excited. This is by no means a fair, long enough sampling. Like I have said in my previous posts, I have gone miles without a drop one day, and then raining disconnects the next.

    I'm not sure how many test miles I have to do to conclude the problem is fixed, so I figure I will ride on a 'regular' basis and just see what happens. I figure if i ride daily on my 5 mile test track for 2 weeks straight, I should have a reasonable conclusion.

    For now, I will say that initial connection was a bit tough. I don't mind though. That's something I can live with.

    Once again, I am not coming to a conclusion on whether this issue is fixed or not. I will be testing more and will report back in about two weeks. In the mean time, I will contact FM and ask them specifically what the did (if anything) and hopefully get some kind of documentation of what work was done. Could they have hand- soldered a chip or two? Possibly, but looking at the thing, there's now way I can tell if it was even opened up.

  • @suboba good news - thanks. I will send mine in 2/3 weeks after weather turns unridable here.

  • @suboba thanks for the update! Great news so far. Did you happen to check if you firmware and hardware versions are the same as they were before you sent the board in?

  • I called customer service for the first time about my issue today. The CSR said she'd send to a tech and get back to me by the EOD. She didn't sound like she was aware of the issue.

  • @eckit yes, hardware and firmware still the same: 4208 and 4117.

    Just finished a 7 mile trip. About 4-5 dissconnects =(. Started happening towards the last 3 miles. At least not raining.

    FM got back to me and said there was a component inside the control module that was not performing to specification and that it was replaced!

  • @suboba Bummer...sounds like it was more than just that component. I know it's hard for a tech/engineer to go for a 3-4 mile ride but it sounds like your board might have been one of the first to go in for this procedure. Maybe it would have been ideal for them to take it for a spin after replacing the component before shipping it back? Maybe they did this though? Did you check mileage before you shipped it off?

    I really notice the disconnects happening when going down hills when the regenerative braking is in effect. Not sure if that's a coincidence or what.

  • @MotoGPTy If they replaced the controller module wouldn’t the lifetime mileage reset to 0? My guess is they just tried to improve the signal somehow but it looks like that didn’t work.

  • @suboba That's a bummer. I'm going to hold off on sending mine in. At least I can connect to change modes, check battery, etc. Pretty sure they changed BT chips between the + and the XR.

  • @MotoGPTy said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    Did you check mileage before you shipped it off?

    Ahh missed that one. I have no idea.

  • Ugh this is so shitty that they don't have a solution for this, or seem to recognize that it's a problem. Although I will say 4-5 disconnects in a 7 mile trip does sound better than my current experience. I literally can't stay connected unless I keep my phone down around my knees. I just got my shipping label, and I think I'm going to pack it up and send it this weekend.

  • @Rado, I was referring to @suboba who stated that it was only a component (not the whole module), so I'm assuming it was not set back to 0. @suboba can confirm the current mileage but he already confirmed that he didn't log miles before he shipped it off. Agreed that they tried to improve the signal but not sure what they are adjusting/replacing to do that. I'm hoping that someone can understand what they are actually doing so if someone gets one of these hardware/firmware versions that are out of warranty someday, they'll be able to repair on their own.

    So yesterday, November 1, 2018, I called FM and talked to a nice CSR who sent my issue to a tech. (My issue is very similar to what @gsparx is having...although, when plugged in and charging, the signal seems to be solid.) She said they'd respond by the EOD. Which they did. The answer was what I was afraid they'd say about my week old board:

    "We’ve confirmed this issue is not easy to troubleshoot remotely and we will have to get this board over to our technicians. We can provide you with instructions for your board to come to our repair facility. We will make you a priority repair sine the board is new."

    I'm happy they are quick to answer, but bummed at the possibility that I'll have to go without my brand new board for a week or however long it takes. I think I'm with @christian and am going to wait for @suboba to get a response from FM since they don't seem to have fixed his issue completely and it doesn't affect my actual ride and I still have good weather.

    I wonder if they'd change a tire when I send it in for this repair??? I see they have a "Tire Change" as a $99 option. This may be a good time to go ahead and get a Hoosier put on without any warranty issues.

  • @MotoGPTy They won’t put a Hoosier on your board for you. They will void your warranty if you put anything other than the Vega on it.

  • @Rado Thanks for clarification.

  • @MotoGPTy I am in the exact same boat as you, problems right from board being new. been in contact with FM and get the same response of things to try. it sounds like I will have to send my board in from Canada as well. cant imagine what it will cost.
    one very similar thing I notice is that when she is on the chrger the Bluetooth works great. I can walk 15 feet from the board and it stays connected. the board isn't even turned on. seems strange but there is definitely some sort of power issue here. anybody else get the same? let the techs know as it may be a clue to help them out

  • @tomfoolery thanks for that, will try it out!

  • @Hoggwheel Scratch my observation about the connection being more stable while charging. I had my +XR plugged up last night and was working in my garage with the app open on my phone. The connection started dropping regularly after a short time...even when I was standing right beside the board.

  • My buddy's XR is being shipped back to him today. He had a controller module component failure, and they also replaced his Bluetooth chip since he was having the same connectivity problem as y'all.

    Sounds to me like the Bluetooth chips are just bad, and there's no fix other than physically replacing that chip. Once he has his board back I will try to remember to post an update.

    XRs seem to have some problems. Knock wood, so far I haven't had any issues with mine, though I don't try to connect to it while riding, only while stopped, so for all I know I have the same issue. The controller module is more worrisome, since that goes beyond "annoying" to "could wreck your shit while riding, or cause you to be unable to ride".

  • I'm taking the plunge. Just dropped off my XR at FedEx. I'll definitely update here when I get it back, and any correspondence I have with them. Hopefully this is something they're ready to fix for people.

  • I just got my XR and noticed the BT issue when I connected my bluetooth headset. When riding I kept getting device disconnected voice warning every like 30 seconds so after playing around with my phones settings I found in an Android go to settings you have to enable developer options then got to bluetooth AVRCP version and change it from 1.4 default to 1.6 which is the newest BT protocall and now it seems to work a lot better I have not got a device disconnected yet I will test further tomorrow and post

  • @tlamb2 Would be great if this fixes the issue, at least for us Android users. Will be awaiting your further results!

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