XR constantly losing app connection?

  • I just got my XR and noticed the BT issue when I connected my bluetooth headset. When riding I kept getting device disconnected voice warning every like 30 seconds so after playing around with my phones settings I found in an Android go to settings you have to enable developer options then got to bluetooth AVRCP version and change it from 1.4 default to 1.6 which is the newest BT protocall and now it seems to work a lot better I have not got a device disconnected yet I will test further tomorrow and post

  • @tlamb2 Would be great if this fixes the issue, at least for us Android users. Will be awaiting your further results!

  • So I had this spec:

    IPhone 7+ (no BT-issues with it at all elsewhere)
    iOS 12 - updated
    OneWheel SW: Andromeda 4117
    HW: 4208

    As other posters have. I JUST got a new Pixel3XL, and the BT issue is resolved. I can go like 30' away from the board and it stays connected. I can turn off/on lights from that distance - and my mapped rides never hyperspace from one point to another - they are all accurately logged. This makes me suspect that however the OW communicates to iOS may be different than with Android. Frequency? I have no idea - but it is perfect now and it was f&^45cked before. This also makes me think that FM may be able to develop a firmware/software fix for this. I had the return ship repair labels printed and ready to send to FM for repair from Canada - but gave this a try with the new phone - and it is now a non-issue. HAs anyone else had this problem with a newer Android phone?

  • @andyro That’s great info but doesn’t explain why out of my three Onewheels two have great connections and the one with hardware 4208 does not.

  • @andyro I agree with @Rado. It also doesn't explain why my + connects fine to both my Android Pixel XL phone and directly to my TicWatch E (using the OneWheelWear app), but my brand new XR won't stay connected to either one when riding. My only solution is to have my phone in the lower left pocket of my cargo shorts, then my watch connected to the OEM app on the phone. If I put my phone in the higher side pocket, doesn't work.

    I did open a ticket with FM and they offered me shipping labels, so as soon as I'm back with my XR (in a couple of months), I'll probably send it in for repair.

  • @tlamb2 Well I was still losing connection and using the BLE scanner app I could not even pick up my board so I reset my bluetooth on my Galaxy S9 and now it connects instantly and BLE scanner app detects it right away and gives bluetooth info, For android it is in settings under general management then press reset and press network settings it will reset wifi,BT, Data settings you will have to enter your wifi settings again but my BT works a lot better

  • Another option if this is a hardware issue is to reach out to your CC bank. AMEX for example offers their own warranty that would likely refund or replace the board rather than needing to send it in and deal with the cost, hassle and multi week loss of the board

    for example, I had a MacBook go outside of warranty and AMEX offered me a full refund. All I had to do was get a repair quote to prove that it was in fact broken — I wasn’t actually asked to get it repaired or given the amount of the quote, not asked to send them the broken machine. So, most likely we’d just need to get a quote from FM. Could probably just get them to send you a quote for any arbitrary part, although the Bluetooth chip would make the most sense.

  • @gsparx What was the outcome of your repair?

  • @christian here is my communication with them from bottom to top.

    It was supposed to arrive today, but I was in the shower when fedex showed up so I might not be able to get it until Saturday to test. I'll update here with results of testing.

    Hi gsparx,

    Sure thing!
    The bluetooth connection/strength problem you reported was fixed by replacing part of you board's controller.
    Our technicians also confirmed that it was running excellently before it was shipped out.

    Now that it has been repaired, you are ready for some more awesome adventures!

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    On Wed, 14 Nov at 7:21 AM , gsparx wrote:

    Thanks for the update! Could you give me a breakdown of what the issue was and how it was fixed?


    On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 17:38 Future Motion Inc support@onewheel.com wrote:
    Just wanted to let you know your repair is currently being shipped back to you, the tracking link can be found here. Let us know if you have any questions.

    Have a good day,
    Team Onewheel

    On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 14:57 Future Motion Inc support@onewheel.com wrote:

    Just following up on the status of your board. We have received your Onewheel in our repair facilities and it is currently in the process of being evaluated. Once we have more information available, we will follow up with you. Have a lovely rest of your day!

    Team Onewheel

  • I'm very curious if the connection problems with the new gemini firmware are now fixed by which you are affected

  • Just downloaded Gemini but it's raining here in Charlotte so won't have ability to do an actual field test...but I should be able to do a good enough test in the garage and give some feedback if it fixed it though. Will report back in a few hours when I get home.

  • I updated the app and my board to Gemini. I only had a chance to ride it for 5 mins, but I still had dropped connections, as observered from my Apple Watch. Phone was in my pocket.

  • @AT_onewheeler I highly doubt the firmware can fix this issue considering FM has been having people send their boards in to replace a component in the controller.

  • @OneDan interested in checking later tonight. Over on Reddit people are claiming that the connection is more reliable with Gemini.
    I will report back here either way.

  • I uploaded the firmware. Previously had horrible connection issues. Rode 6 miles with new app with 0 disconnects. In fact, I had to walk the phone away 10 yards to get it to disconnect. Had a repair number and everything but was hesitant to send it in as I saw no one was getting the problem solved. Have the XR and an iPhone Xs The new app worked for me.

  • Updated to the new firmware and tried around the house for 30 min... Yesterday in the same settings it was on and off all the time especially with light on. Today.... not even one disconnection :-) I will do more riding inside the house today and outside tomorrow (no rain in forecast) and will report but for now I'm very happy. I have my fedex shipping labels but hopefully I don't have to use them!!!!

  • Updated firmware then went for a very short ride with one of my phones. No change for me. Still “Reconnecting” during much of the ride. Will try with my other phone tomorrow. I have a return authorization but can’t send the board back for a couple of weeks.

  • Hey @suboba , any news since your repair ? You reported it was a bit better than before, how is it now ? And also have you tried the new app / firmware to see if it’s better ?

  • @eckit @OneDan, just had a nice 5 mi ride. But Gemini didn’t do anything to improve my connection issues. As soon as I put my front foot on the board—lost connection. Just like always. Still have to use my calf band for now.

  • First ride on Gemini today and it only cut out after I hadn’t looked for awhile! Prior to this it cut out the moment I started moving and never came back til I stopped

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