XR constantly losing app connection?

  • I updated the app and my board to Gemini. I only had a chance to ride it for 5 mins, but I still had dropped connections, as observered from my Apple Watch. Phone was in my pocket.

  • @AT_onewheeler I highly doubt the firmware can fix this issue considering FM has been having people send their boards in to replace a component in the controller.

  • @OneDan interested in checking later tonight. Over on Reddit people are claiming that the connection is more reliable with Gemini.
    I will report back here either way.

  • I uploaded the firmware. Previously had horrible connection issues. Rode 6 miles with new app with 0 disconnects. In fact, I had to walk the phone away 10 yards to get it to disconnect. Had a repair number and everything but was hesitant to send it in as I saw no one was getting the problem solved. Have the XR and an iPhone Xs The new app worked for me.

  • Updated to the new firmware and tried around the house for 30 min... Yesterday in the same settings it was on and off all the time especially with light on. Today.... not even one disconnection :-) I will do more riding inside the house today and outside tomorrow (no rain in forecast) and will report but for now I'm very happy. I have my fedex shipping labels but hopefully I don't have to use them!!!!

  • Updated firmware then went for a very short ride with one of my phones. No change for me. Still “Reconnecting” during much of the ride. Will try with my other phone tomorrow. I have a return authorization but can’t send the board back for a couple of weeks.

  • Hey @suboba , any news since your repair ? You reported it was a bit better than before, how is it now ? And also have you tried the new app / firmware to see if it’s better ?

  • @eckit @OneDan, just had a nice 5 mi ride. But Gemini didn’t do anything to improve my connection issues. As soon as I put my front foot on the board—lost connection. Just like always. Still have to use my calf band for now.

  • First ride on Gemini today and it only cut out after I hadn’t looked for awhile! Prior to this it cut out the moment I started moving and never came back til I stopped

  • I have a Galaxy S9 plus and have been toying with it losing connection and after resetting my BT connection on the phone and downloading Gemini and I keep my phone on my fender in an old case with velcro in front of my BT speaker and have not lost connection yet 0_1542597357476_20181118_181125 (1).jpg

  • Here is my update after installing Gemini. First couple days riding and playing inside the house connection was perfect. Yesterday and today the weather was great so I had a 2hrs rides on both days and unfortunately, connection got lost right after I left the house and it was very difficult to connect even when I kept iPhone near the pad. I tried again inside the house and connection is perfect... GO FIGURE!!!!
    So the verdict is - Gemini didn't help my board and I will be sending it for repair.

  • Doesn't seem like anyone's reporting a reliable fix from FM.

  • @tlamb2 That seems incredibly impractical. I don't think I'm sending mine in. Unless FM is using new BT chips or antennas I suspect there's only a stop gap solution until the next version of the OW. Would be helpful if they just came forward and stated the problem and solution. Also kinda BS that once you're outside your warranty this issue wouldn't be covered even though it's a manufacturing defect.

  • Following up with my previous comment, it only worked because I was using my watch and the phone was near the board. It still disconnects. Maybe it’s less frequent, I didn’t count, but it’s dangerous to try messing with it while riding so I’ve basically given up on using the app.

    It’s a shame, they have this killer advanced product and then let something simple but critical go

  • Does anyone have this issue that doesn't a fender kit? Mine is on the verge but stable without one. Also, has anyone tried taking off the fender kit to see if it changes anything.

  • @Fresh same for me before and after installing my fender.

  • I got have the same problem with a Brand new board with the iPhone 7 Plus. I updated the iPhone 7 Plus with the new firmware and that did not solve it. I updated the app and the board’s firmware that did not solve it. When it sits there on it stays connected one i mount the board and/or ride it its starts to lose connection and tries to reconnect and sometimes it does but the app doesn’t update. Ie: speed shows what it was when it was disconnected. I have no accessories and power is good on both. Not sure what it’s the issue.

  • @Future-Motion what is going on? You know what the issue is as you are taking boards in for repair, so why are they still going out with this problem? (my feeble attempt to get FM to respond)

  • @kd6tav When did you get your board? I had this problem from the beginning and I got mine in August... and I got the shipping labels in October. The weather turned wintery here so I'm sending mine for repair early next week... but I have the same question: Why do still sell them with this known BT connection issue.

  • @Jackalope Maybe they don’t even have a fix for it yet. Reading through this thread I don’t see any that have gone in for repair and come back fixed.

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