XR constantly losing app connection?

  • I'm having this same issue.

    This was taking with me just standing on the board with the phone in my hand (back foot down, no major pressure on front plate)

    alt text

    While riding, almost no connection at all - I would say it's connected about 5% of the time.

    I've sent a request into the onewheel support about a week ago, but no dice with responses yet:(

  • @Unsu They’ll send you standard instructions for sending the board back when they do get back with you.

  • Yea my board doesn't stay connected for more than 5 seconds at a time. iPhone XS, brand new board with 24 miles on it. Can't use Float App either because of bluetooth connectivity issues. Have to be sitting next to my board for it to be reliable

  • I have a new XR, just received it a week ago. Hardware 4208. I have the same issue everyone here is having. I contacted support and they said I can send it back and they will fix as long as the board falls under the warranty. It should, it only has about 7miles on it. They did recommend keeping it for a few weeks to enjoy during the holidays and then send it back. It was highly encouraged to do this. Which makes me wonder on if they are still looking to correct the issue or they are just extremely busy with issues and the holidays. One thing I am discouraged on is I have to pay shipping both ways. I just bought this and now have to spend another $100+ to have it fixed with only 7 miles on it... I can maybe seeing paying shipping one way but not both. I do love the board but not happy with the service so far. I will wait to send back.. Really want to play with it during the holidays and don’t want to spend the extra cash on it.

    IPhone: 12.0.1
    Onewheel: XR
    Hardware: 4208

  • @sparkspnt There is no way you should pay shipping. I reported the same thing on my XR that I received in Oct. I called them after reporting it (same as you, maybe 15 miles on it) since they didn't reply within a couple of days. After talking to Jon in support, I got an email that he would send me the labels to return it. Unfortunately, I can't send it back until March as it's at my vacation home, but he said no problem to let him know at that time and he'll send the labels then. It's a defect in the board, they have to replace a component in the controller, so covered by warranty.

    Good luck!

  • This was part of the email:

    Once the board arrives it will be diagnosed and evaluated. We will of course fix any issue free of charge if they are caused by manufacturing issues. If your board passes our technicians’ evaluation, please note we will ask you to cover the shipping costs. Anything outside the scope of warranty will be quoted for your approval. Our team will do our absolute best to make sure you are informed along the way. You will receive a tracking number once the board is making its way home.

  • @sparkspnt said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    If your board passes our technicians’ evaluation, please note we will ask you to cover the shipping costs.

    This means if after you return it, if they do not find any issues with the board, you’ll be asked to pay shipping. My concern about this statement is that they are not using a standard cell phone to test, but rather some QC equipment that let the board out the door in the first place.

    I have a friend who just received his brand new XR this week (4208/4117) and is having these connectivity issues before he put the first mile on it.

    I’m traveling with my board so cannot return it at the moment...but am still waiting for someone to confirm they have sent their board in and FM has totally fixed the issue.

  • Hey all been dealing with the failing Bluetooth signal sent Onewheel a request for help and they have responded quickly to the request. I have receive a shipping label and have sent them the following images to prove it’s a Bluetooth issue with the board. I will update this with further info once the board is sent in. The images are of signal strength with my IPad on one side of the kitchen and the Onewheel on the other when the phone is on the Onewheel and when the phone is on the IPad. As you can see the signal strength (phone on IPad) is full five bars with the Onewheel strength at Zero bars. The signal strength on the Onewheel (phone on Onewheel) is two bars and the signal strength from the iPad on the other side of the room is the same at two bars. (UPDATE) Sent in my Onewheel to FM on 12/1 (I couldn’t send it in before had company coming and wanted to ride) with their prepaid shipping label. They had the board for maybe a week and it is on its way back to me should receive it tomorrow. The techs notes said he found the same weak Bluetooth signal and changed out the whole circuit board and it tested fine after will update again once I have the board back. So far I am happy with the experience and quickness of FM. (Update 12/12/18) I got my board back today and the problem remains. With the new Circuit Board I am not getting signal strength reading on the app I used before. Also now the sound when the Bluetooth disconnects from the app is gone (hmmmm). I was told the whole board was replaced and because I’m back at 0 miles I have to assume so. I have written a letter to Onewheel and am currently waiting for a reply.

  • @CaptLucky Thanks for checking it out for the rest of us. From day one my newer XR has had sporadic connection problems, while my older XR (4206 version) works fine. Because of reports like this, I have not bothered to contact FM. If they ever have a real fix, maybe I will. They don't seem to even believe that there is a design problem in the newer board. But the empirical evidence (from online reporters) seems to say otherwise. They should be in the best position to investigate what was changed (by them) that causes this to be such a common problem.

  • I sent mine in yesterday. I will update here if it is actually fixed when I receive it back.

  • @CaptLucky

    Is the new circuit board showing the same hardware version 4208?

  • Hi Onewheel Riders,

    So I recently purchased a Onewheel + XR in France from Freemove.fr (Best service)
    As it is possibly the best feeling available when waves and snow are not around offering me freedom to ride anywhere at anytime I have been using it a lot :)
    Unfortunately I recently started having connectivity issues between the board and the App, so annoying when paying that price for a device.

    That said I would like to share that I found randomly a trick in order to connect/reconnect my board every time.

    +iPhone 6s with bluetooth, wifi and data activated.
    +App Version: 2.1.20
    +App setting: Auto connect ON.

    1/Turn ON the App.
    2/Turn ON the board (so far pretty simple :P).
    3/Turn your iPhone Plane mode ON then OFF again.1_1545139624812_OW 2.jpg 0_1545139624812_OW 1.jpg
    4/Back to the app the board should connect straight away

    So far works every-time for me.
    Please note that the connection stay the all ride without any problem :)
    Let me know if it works for you ;)
    Hope it will help.

    Have a Good day Riders

  • No joy on the airplane mode "trick" . Got my XR last week. They swear they haven't heard of this issue at FM and assure me it will be fixed if i send it in. So far, i haven't read any happy endings so i'm gonna juts wait and not send it in.

  • Airplane "fix" doesn't work either, may just be a fluke. Ive seen multiple people complain about the bluetooth, dont know how FM cant know about it. Ive also heard about people getting it"fixed" and the board is worse off when they get it back, so I'm gonna hold out hope and hope that somehow its software related.

  • I posted about two months ago about the Bluetooth dropping problem. It was problematic right out of the box. I called and got the FedEx shipping label. When it got cold here I sent it in. It arrived in California facility on December 8th. And I received it back today December 18th and so far it is fixed. Took a short ride without problems - walked away from it 10-15 feet without problems. Don't know what they did. No explanation letter or email but hey - I am happy.

  • @CletusVanneDamme
    Really I am sorry to hear that.
    Are you using an iPhone also?
    With the same app version?

  • @Atomicmonkeys5 Great news - thanks for posting. Not too many boards have been reported as fixed so this is very encouraging... Do you have "0 miles" on it now?

  • @Jackalope actually it didn't zero out. I had to download my saved rides again from the cloud but other than that miles, top speed etc was preserved. I am planning on a much longer ride this Saturday so will further update if things change

  • @tlamb2 Thanks for this suggestion. I just made this change on my Samsung Note 9 BT settings. I just did a short test ride only a mile and a half but I had no dropped connections which is pretty much unheard of for my XR. I've had about three hundred miles on it since I've had it for 2 months and it has always had dropped connections every minute or two. I will test some more tomorrow but this seems already to have made a big Improvement.

  • @suboba I am having trouble staying connected. I bought mine December 2018 and it is hardware version 4208. I am using an Android phone (Kyocera duraforce pro) running Android 7.1.

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