XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @suboba Glad that you started this thread. I've had my OW XR for less than a week (new condition), put fewer than 10 miles on it (no damage) and have NEVER completed even a short ride while connected to BT. As such, none of the OW app features such as "time to turn around" or "wheel slip" have ever worked. Neither does it map my ride. I'm disappointed in it.

  • All this chatter and many boards returned for service, yet @Future-Motion keeps shipping these out with this defect? You'd think if they know about it (and how could they not), this would be a high priority test for their QA before shipping. I plan to send in my XR in March (it's at my vacation home) and am hoping they actually know what to fix by then.

    @quickroll agree, so much of the added functionality of the board depends on the phone app . . . this is no minor issue!

  • @OneDan I agree. A nice CES announcement would have been that they actually fixed this once and for all. These continuing posts give the impression that they just don't care. Very poor p.r. for a business.

  • I got a second XR for XMAS and it has the BT issues still... wtf FM.

    I had one of the first XR's (Hardware 4206) and it never had any bluetooth issues. But now this new 4208 board can hardly connect or stay connected, looks like it's going back to FM. You'd really think they'd do some better testing on these things before they are sent out.

  • Same issue here like everyone: Brand new XR, hardware 4208, cannot keep BT connection. Only works when the phone is right next to the board. The effect : Cannot track rides, cannot get battery warning, cannot easily change ride modes... its pretty annoying for such a expensive machine!

    Must be hardware related cos it works for when I hold the phone very close, so the radio signal is not transmitted effectively. Could be poor antenna, or a bad Bluetooth chip. In any case: Doesn't look like its easy/economical to fix (in the production line), since new boards still have this problem. Maybe the main controller boards all have this issue and they got thousands of them produced already.

  • Hi all,
    Same here, new board from November 2018 hardware 4208. I really enjoyed the board willingly forgetting about the BT problem but back from holidays I decided to do something about it.
    Thank you all for the thorough investigation on bluetooth connectivity, that saved me the trouble from doing it myself. I have the exact same situation (constat disconnection while riding or if I step away of the board more than 2 m ).
    I bought my board from Ride On in France and I have linked this thread as well as my personal comments asking how FM was planning on fixing this issue.
    As I understand it from now boards are coming back from FM not being fixed all the time...

  • Might help if everytime we mention FM, we type @Future-Motion instead . . . SOMEONE must be getting these notifications!

  • Hi @Future-Motion have contacted me to say they are willing to repair my XR to resolve the Bluetooth issues. I live in the UK, so this will mean me being without my board for weeks getting it shipping back to the US and then returned. Has anyone here had the repair and can reassure me it does indeed resolve the issue?


  • @OneDan Good thinking, if it can help acknowledging the problem...

  • I just got a new board this weekend and I am also seeing this issue. I have the latest firmware and the hardware version 4208. Using iPhone XS with latest version of iOS. Oddly if I walk into a room where it's charging it connects no problem, but if I am riding it, it loses connection. The Apple Watch app is worthless also because it needs a signal from the phone and the phone won't stay connected to the board.

  • @leo8877 I got one of those workout “cases” for my iPhone. The type that is supposed to go around your bicep.
    I strap it around my calf. My phone keeps connection to the board 100%, and my watch keeps connection to my phone.
    Been riding my XR for months like that.
    I’m not saying that this shouldn’t be fixed by FM; but it is a hack that works for now.

  • @eckit that might be worth a try, but which hardware version do you ride...4206 or 4208??

  • @wheelrich 4208

  • @Jackalope they exist for cell phones. I just don't know where to place it. I figured the R&D gurus could test it. I don't want to break my warranty.I have connection issues while just standing next to my XR.

  • @rm3327375 - you could easily attached such a BT amplifier to the fender - I think.

  • My brand new Onewheel loses connection with the app a lot. Sometimes while driving 'reconnecting' appears several times in a row. Sometimes when I put my phone in my pocket while driving, when I take my phone out, it says the maximum speed during the drive is 8km/h, while I know it was faster than that (so probably the app lost connection). Or when I stop, and take my phone out of my pocket to change the driving mode, the speedometer in the app still gives a (fixed) speed. It gives me a warning I cannot change drive mode unless I slow down to 1km/h. (despite the fact that the wheel is standing still) In this case it never reconnects to the app, only until I hold the phone in my hand, close to the board, stand on the board and engage the motor. Then (after reconnecting; sometimes it takes a while) the meter falls to zero and I can change the driving mode. Please help me to fix this problem; because it really is annoying; certainly for a purchase this expensive, everting should work just perfect.

  • @JH You'll need to contact and send it back to @Future-Motion

  • Hi all, I found out what the Bluetooth problem is, anyone has a XR controller board on their hands?

    Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 19.31.04 .png

  • @kanguru007 said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    Hi all, I found out what the Bluetooth problem is, anyone has a XR controller board on their hands?

    Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 19.31.04 .png

    So what’s the problem? How do we fix it? I’m pretty sure we all have an XR controller board in our Onewheel’s but what do we do to fix the problem?

  • @tomfoolery the bluetooth module soldered on the controller board is almost touching the metal plate that closes the box, that blocks the RF (it is surprising that it still works).

    An external antenna is possible and I guess it will increase range and reliability enormously. (can be a 1/4 wavelength sized small piece of wire)

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