XR constantly losing app connection?

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    So I received my board about 2 weeks ago now and I definitely received one of the faulty controllers. I'm on hardware version 4208 like everyone else in the thread and the bluetooth connection is very inconsistent and unreliable. Drops all the time, if I'm able to connect at all.

    I was worried about having to send it away for a long time because I live in Germany, so naturally the whole shipping process is much slower. But after talking with the support they said they will send me instructions of how to open the board up and remove the controller. I'll send them the controller module, which should be significantly easier and faster to ship, and they'll evaluate it and send me a new controller back. I haven't heard of anyone else doing that in the thread so I thought I'd make a post in case there are other non-americans out there debating whether or not to have it repaired. Hopefully the process is a lot more painless like this.

    In my opinion I think they should recall all of the possibly affected devices that have not yet left a warehouse, and they should make the repair process much easier for people who are affected. The least they could do is come out with a public apology. So many people are affected by this. A product of this price should not have any compromises. The app is a vital part of the Onewheel experience and it's a shame a lot of people don't get to experience it fully because of this issue. /rant

    I Think this could be the perfect solution also for me.
    I have the same issue with a weak but connection and I'm from Italy so sending just a small part instead of all the board could be perfect.
    Waiting for a response from FM

  • @tartax Yes! Hope it works out for you! Please keep us updated with the repair process. I will post again as well as soon as I get mine back. I think it's important for as many as possible to document their repair experience with this issue.

  • @someoneingermany This is great news and hopefully helps short cycle your repair. I'm curious to see what the instructions they provide look like. Please share.

  • @skyman88 I hope so! I'm not sure they'd appreciate if I shared that on a public forum. It's nothing special, just a step by step guide with pictures, but if it's not already publicly available I don't want to be the one who puts it out there. Don't want to piss them off when I'm sending my precious baby in for repair.

  • @someoneingermany Understood.

    I've never seen something like that from FM before so I'm a little surprised but also really happy to hear it.

    I've badgered a couple of boards and done tire swaps, so I know how easy it is to take the board apart, was more just curious if their instructions were like a true how to manual with cartoon images. Don't forget about the two screws under the white stickers!

  • I received my XR yesterday and it has hardware version 4209. My bluetooth connection hasn't dropped out when I'm within 10 feet of my board. I read that 4209 fixed the bluetooth connectivity issues.

  • @skyman88 I was quite surprised to hear about it too, maybe it's a new thing. The steps are really in depth. Made for a 10 year old. Should be easy to follow along with. :)

    @JMAC Happy to hear yours is working well! They said they'd send me a new controller back and I'm hoping to get a 4209 as well.

  • @Whiplash Your suggestion to change AVRCP from 1.4. to 1.6 also worked with my combination of OW+ and Android 9.0 phone. Quickened the initial connection and greatly reduced GPS tracking dropouts and disconnections. Also seemed to reduce audio dropouts on my PowerBeats earphones when streaming Pandora. Thanks for the tip.

  • Finally got my XR in for the bluetooth issue (sending from Hawaii to San Jose was quite the challenge, but after a month FM and FedEx finally got their acts together) and got it back yesterday. Like others, they replaced the controller with 4209 and it's working like it should have been when I bought it back in October last year. Still not sure why they're not shipping with this fix as new folks still seem to be getting 4208. Unless a certain percentage of the 4208 boards work ok, but still, can't they test them before shipping them out?

    Anyway, count me in on the "problem fixed" list!

  • Does anyones automatically connect when you turn on your OW? I mean, do you have to unlock your phone then start the app for it to connect? Seems like it could be more like turning on bluetooth headphones - they just connect when you turn them on or activate them. This thread made me question if mine is bad or if this is just how it's designed. Once it's connected mine seems to stay connected when the phone is locked and I do get alerts. But if I don't unlock the phone and open the app - it doesn't connect even though there's a setting to "auto-connect". So most of the time I don't use the app - only when I want to check the battery level. Mine is 4208.

  • @Panglossian When the app starts, it will autoconnect to a board that has that setting turned on. I have 2 boards right now, my + and my XR, so I turned it off so I can select which board to connect to when I start the app.

    If you haven't noticed, you can connect to a board even when it's charging as it is "on" at that point, though not ready to ride.

  • @OneDan said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    Finally got my XR in for the bluetooth issue (sending from Hawaii to San Jose was quite the challenge, but after a month FM and FedEx finally got their acts together) and got it back yesterday. Like others, they replaced the controller with 4209 and it's working like it should have been when I bought it back in October last year. Still not sure why they're not shipping with this fix as new folks still seem to be getting 4208. Unless a certain percentage of the 4208 boards work ok, but still, can't they test them before shipping them out?

    Anyway, count me in on the "problem fixed" list!

    Good to hear !! I also got my board in October last year and sent it back 2 weeks ago as FM sent me a warranty return ticket.
    I am really happy they acknowledged this faulty BT issue, can't wait to get my board back and join the "repaired bluetooth club"=)

    I wish I knew about sending only the controller module though...

  • @GreenFrog As long as they pay for the shipping, I'm ok with sending it in. Of course, that might depend on where you're located. In the future, for an "out of warranty" repair, I wouldn't mind doing things myself if they will send the part. Way cheaper than shipping a 30 lb HUGE box!

  • @someoneingermany any update on this? Change my phone to a new one (Android 8.1) and the connection is nightmare again. From Argentina it will be great to being able to send just the BT module. Beside that, I suspect you still could ride while waiting.

  • My XR has the original 4206 hardware and the Bluetooth connection has been marginal since day one. It disconnects if in my shirt pocket and sometimes disconnects if in my pants pocket. Now that FM has the Bluetooth issue fixed with 4209 hardware, I figured I would send it in before the warranty expires. They said I would have to pay shipping if nothing was found.

    So now they have it and say that Bluetooth is fine so the problem must be my phone. Which I guess is possible, but it connects fine with great range to other devices. Disappointing. So, beware of sending yours in if it's not really, really bad.

  • @gasppol yeah, here's an update.

    I've had a total nightmare with the support. It started off really well. They acknowledged the issue and was happy to have it sent in for repair. It started going downhill when we began discussing shipment options. I live in Germany at the moment and FedEx (which is the ONLY carrier they ship with) is not very prominent around here. Luckily there is a shop just over an hour away. They offered to have the FedEx shop pick up the package at my house, but then it turned out that I live too far away from the shop. Now, they are saying it's my job to drive to the FedEx shop (about 3h driving on a weekday when I work) or I can ship it myself with a local carrier (about 60 EUR).

    We've gone back and forth for weeks now, and the COO was involved as well. They are refusing to arrange shipping for me. I am now in contact with the shop I bought it from to see if they can assist in any way.

    I literally just spent 2000 EUR, received a defect product and now the company behind it (FM) is telling me I have to spend more money and time to repair it!? What kind of service is this? I just bought the product. It's brand new. This is completely unacceptable.

    So, to anyone who lives outside of America:

    Future Motion will NOT pay for your shipping if you live too far away from a FedEx shop. Regardless if it's 1h or 10h, they will not pay. Does not matter if it's within warranty or not.

    This is incredibly upsetting because I love my onewheel very much, and to see the company behind it providing service this bad is very aggravating. It's not a company I can stand behind anymore and I will not be recommending the onewheel to anyone, regardless of how my repair goes.

    And @gasppol, you will send the whole controller module of the board. Not just the Bluetooth ship. So you won't be able to ride without it.

  • @someoneingermany hopefully they can repair under warranty. otherwise you'll pay for the FedEx to US and back as well ($500)

  • @ooww should not be a matter of "if" they can repair it. The Bluetooth is definitely not working as it should. 500$ sounds a bit excessive though. I'm only sending the controller module and not the whole wheel.

  • FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH....Possible alternate fix. My 08 hardware XR, like many others, has been very bad connecting to to my iPhone since I first got it. It disconnects continually while I am riding, making it almost useless. As I have said many times, my first XR, an 06 model, has worked flawlessly from day one.

    So, recently I change my tire to a treaded Burris. Now, here is where it gets very unclear about what fixed my problem. I was very careful with removal of the Vega tire, and the wires that needed disconnecting, etc. I had heard some horror stories from a few whose boards did not work right after changing their tires. I cleaned everything as I went along. While I had the board all apart, I decided to install my brand new aluminum flight guard plates, as I was putting everything back together (previously had float plates on). The board works fine....plus... as long as I am right by the board or riding it, now my iPhone AND Apple Watch stay connected!!!! I have ridden it at least 4 times since the tire change, and it seems to be consistently working.

    I have 2 theories: 1) in disconnecting and reconnecting the cables, (which were a bit difficult to remove, but snap locked into place when reattached), I corrected a poor connection to the control board, which allowed a stronger bluetooth signal. 2) the new flight guards, from flight fins, being metal (heavy gauge aluminum) are reflecting the bluetooth signal and acting like an analog amplifier.

    I am not sure which is the case, but my guess is that number 2 is the most likely reason.

  • @someoneingermany
    i bought my xr from germany too.i am from Rome,Italy.i had the bluetooth issue from the beginning,weak connection.
    after one month i contacted FM and they aknowledged the issue and proposed the ship of all the board.
    they even created a ticket for the expedition (the cost of such expedition is about 250 eu)
    but i preferred to send only the control board.easy to disassemble.
    all the operation in about 2 weeks.now i have the new hardware control board.
    the connection now is finally stable and i can also use my smartwatch onewheel app ,very nice indeed.
    so for my experience i must give a big up to Future Motion.
    is not easy to manage a service in europe from the u.s.a.
    a compromise is necessary, i think.
    anyway i hope they will open an official service here in europe.
    this will be the perfect solution

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