XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @CLBR thanks for the info!

  • @CLBR I'm using iPhone 6S and 10.3 as well.

  • @eckit Ive spoken with FM about the Bluetooth problems a couple times. They are aware and are trying to find a solution. Today while on the phone with them they asked that I place my phone directly on top of the front footpad and see if the app will maintain a connection. Will try when I get home.

  • @Rado I can confirm that sitting the phone right on the footpad works. I also put the phone in the neck of my boot while riding and it kept connection the entire time. Feel free to share that with them too. That leads me to believe it isn’t that the board is dropping the connection—it’s a range issue. The signal is too weak.
    I’ve also ridden with the phone in my hand about 5 inches lower than my pocket and it keeps the connection. I don’t recommend this because the board gets unstable—at least for a newb such as myself.
    I am 6’2”, if I was 5’5” or wore my pants around my knees—I’d wager that it would keep the connection, too. :)

  • Have you tried with another phone ?
    I did with an old android, not perfect but a little bit better than with the iPhone it seems ... I know it doesn't solve the issue though ...

  • @CLBR I haven’t, but it is definitely not an issue with the phone or app. My tiny AirPods that can stay connected to my iPhone from about 100’ away even with moderate obstructions (like open doorways and halls).
    The XR drops connection in less than 3’ (with obstruction, like a body) and at best 10’ with clean line of sight which is CRAZY. It’s more like RFID or NFC range than Bluetooth.

  • Yup :/
    Right now I am standing next to my OW while it's charging and connexion looks stable.
    It's more of a problem when riding ...

  • Another hour-long, 12 mile ride with my phone in the neck of my boot—never lost connection with the board once. Used my Apple Watch to see the live stats.
    I guess this is what I’ll have to resort to until FM comes up with a fix.

  • I just tried with my girlfriend's iPhone.
    She has an iPhone 6s plus, iOS11.
    Good news (or bad IDK) : Super stable connexion. On the SAME ride I tried again with my phone, I loose connexion every 2s.
    Tried back and forth between hers and mine and same result.

    I am currently updating my iPhone (iOS 12 just released, even tho I promised myself I wouldn't update cuz I'm scared it will slow it down, oh well), I will let you know if it fixes anything.

  • Was raining so didn’t try for too long but looks like the issue is still here on iOS 12...

  • @eckit you can’t use your warranty anymore ?

  • @CLBR no, I can. I’ve only had my XR for about a week. Why?

  • Because it seems like it could be a reason for using the warranty and getting a new one, no ? I can’t imagine it’s like this for everyone ?!

  • @CLBR well, I’m going to reach out t them next week. Not entirely sure that it is a unit-by-unit issue, but instead all of the units with the same hardware and firmware. And if that’s the case, I am going to tell them that I will continue to ride this one until they come out with a hardware and/or firmware revision that fixes it. I don’t want to be without my OW for months while they try to sort this out.

  • Sounds like a reasonable thing to do :) let us know what they tell you !

  • @CLBR absolutely!

  • @suboba I can't stay connected either (IPhone X and OW XR). It's so irritating to connect and then lose connection over and over.

  • @nateraso is this only when your OW is moving ? Or also when being idle ?

  • @CLBR when it's idle I'm connected with no problem. When I start riding it takes about 10 seconds to lose connection. The previous comments about the Bluetooth range sound right. I'll stop to see my temperatures/range etc because I can't see much while moving.

  • So after some back and forth with FM support I was told to download an app called “Light Blue” and check the Bluetooth connection by placing my phone directly on the front footpad and take a screenshot and then while holding the phone as if I was riding and take a screenshot. I think the app they are referring to is actually called “LightBlue Explorer” as “Light Blue” doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Bluetooth. I will try this with both my XRs and report back my findings here. Maybe some of you can do the same?

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