XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @suboba yeah, the thread is hot. And I think is effects more people than they even realize.
    I really don’t want to have to send my board in. That would suck to be without it for an extended period of time. Please keep us updated on how it goes with your board and what FM winds up doing.

  • Have some of you tried to record some of your rides with the app ?
    If yes, didn’t you notice than when playing back a ride, the characters often “teleports” ? I guess it corresponds to disconnects ?

  • @CLBR I don’t think that’s related. It “teleports” if your phone loses GPS and/or data connection. Happened to me a few times in a spotty cell coverage area a few weeks ago, but I had app connection the entire time. The only reason I am so aware of my app connection is because I am constantly checking my Apple Watch to make sure I’m not going too fast. I am so paranoid of nose doves.

  • @suboba I’m interested in what they do for you. I’ve had a support ticket open for the disconnect issue as well as another issue with my old board. They had me send in my V1 but are not being responsive to the disconnect issue.

  • Yup same here with a brand new xr right out of the box. Did the light blue app as instructed and I sent in a screen shots showing how my TV in the other room 15 feet away kept its connection strength while I lost my onewheel connection when I lifted it off the front board appropriately 2 feet. I tried it with a Samsung Galaxy 9+, old galaxy note 3, and an iPhone 9. All pick up connection pretty easily when turned on and all drop in and out of connection fast unless laying directly on the board. Eagerly waiting for a solution and have been following this thread for several weeks now. Will send my board back when weather in the Midwest prevents me from riding any longer which is soon.

  • @SurfingPanda small update: issue persists with iOS 12.0. Still loses connection constantly.

  • I have the same problem. My boards just a few days old. My iPhone will maintain connection in my sock while riding, but in my pocket it drops connection.

    This is really annoying because I can’t monitor my speed or track my ride.

  • @rfkilowatt Call them and open a support ticket. So far I haven’t seen them acknowledge this problem.

  • ...and exactly the same problem here. New XR, the same hardware (4208) and firmware (Andromeda - 4117), using iPhone 6+

  • @suboba I have the exact same issue and cannot seem to log any valuable info from my rides as well. E.g. I have had the pushback several times, but top speed in the app is 24, and on my last ride, I apparently rode 551ft uphill, and top speed of a whooping 1,16mph. Makes no sense. Connection breaks whenever I put my phone down. I have had the board for apx a week.

    IPhone X (no BT-issues with it at all elsewhere)
    iOS 12 - updated
    OneWheel SW: Andromeda 4117
    HW: 4208

    It also says absolute top speed 23.6 km/h which I am 98% sure is way too little. Should be close to 30...

    This thing costed an arm and a leg to get to Norway - so how do I resolve this?
    (I have paid total: $ 2865 to get this here incl VAT

    • and I must admit I expected perfection in return.

    What now?

  • At least most of you are able to connect if close enough. No bluetooth signal at all for the last 5 days. Oh, and this happened on day 2 and after only 20 miles...

  • For those having issues, do you have floatplates / side kicks on your board ?

  • @CLBR said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    For those having issues, do you have floatplates / side kicks on your board ?

    Pure. No accessories at all. Not even a fender.

  • @CLBR Just the original fender and Surestance pro.

  • My board is totally stock. I’m not sure if this problem existed right from the get go. I didn’t check the first day, I just rode till my legs gave out.

    Perhaps the Bluetooth module has an external antenna that is disconnected or broken. It would be nice to find a tear down pics of the control module. Although I wouldn’t open mine up because I want to preserve the warranty.

  • @Rado I did open a ticket online. A little too busy to call. I just wanted to make sure to log with them a failure. I know it will be a while till anything happens.

  • @CLBR - Stock board, 2 days old.

  • Can anyone from the FM support team reply with the comment on this "XR constantly losing app connection" problem - please!
    It seems many of us are having similar issue.
    Did anyone got reply from FM on this?

  • @Jackalope I have. I opened a ticket 28 days ago now. I gave them all the info they requested and was told they’re engineers are “looking into it”. My guess is that the controller modules will need to be replaced with better Bluetooth chips. This is going to cost them a lot of $$ depending on the amount of affected boards. Shipping them back and forth isn’t cheap. I haven’t seen anyone with hardware 4208 that isn’t affected yet.

  • @Rado thanks a lot! please keep us inform

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