XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @Rado and @andematt would you guys mind disclosing when you purchased your XRs and what is the current hardware version? (look it up in the app under board settings).

    @Rado you mentioned you have two XRs. Could you check if the hardware versions are the same on both? Does the older one work fine because it happens to have a different hardware version than the newer one?

    mine: purchased July 2018 w/ hardware version: 4208

  • @suboba yes, my XRs have different hardware and firmware versions. One is the pioneer version and the other is a new one.

  • I, too am experiencing connection drops while riding.

    If I just turn my board on and let it sit there—it immediately connects to my app and stays connected without a single issue. It will stay connected until I walk about 10-15 feet away.

    It does drop though when I turn my back to the board and I’m right next to the board (putting my body between the board and my phone)

    It drops constantly while riding. It is disconnected more than it is connected. I think my foot must be over the antenna in the board.

    iPhone 7 Plus
    iOS: 11.4.1
    Onewheel XR
    Hardware: 4208
    Firmware: Andromeda - 4117

    Can someone confirm where the Bluetooth antenna is in the XR? Like specific location, not general location. Pictures would be even better.

    I think the Bluetooth chip in the board is super-weak. For comparison—I can walk across my house (100+ feet), with walls, appliances, etc between my phone and my Apple Watch Series 3 or my AirPods and I keep my Bluetooth connection perfectly fine with my phone.

    I wonder—does goofy vs regular matter? Those who are having problems; what is your riding style? I’m goofy.
    Also, people having problems; do you have float plates? I do. Finally, do you have a handle on your board? If so, which side? (when looking at your board from the back)
    Our feet and/or aftermarket parts may be insulating the already weak/underpowered antenna.

    Hopefully it is a power issue—that is something a firmware update may be able to fix (allow more power to be fed to the Bluetooth on the board to increase its reliability/range). If it’s a limitation of the hardware—these would all need to be sent in to have the chip/antenna replaced.

  • @eckit I think it has to to with the actual Bluetooth chip and controller board. I have two XRs. They have different hardware and firmware versions. One works fine and the other won't stay connected.

  • @Rado ok, those are two variables; hardware and firmware? If so, we can’t rule if it’s one or both deltas.

    That said, would you mind sharing?

    Ride Style (regular/goofy):

    Phone Location While Riding (front of body/back of body):

    Float Pads (yes/no):

    Hardware Version (of the affected board):

    Firmware Version (of the affected board):

    I’m interested in seeing if there is a trend with anything from all of us.

  • I have no idea what's going on here. Today, I ride my board on the same track for 6 miles for about 20 min and surprisingly, not a single disconnect. Then, I stop for a while to look at my phone and sure enough, connection is lost and 'reconnecting' appears on the screen. I wasn't even in motion. I just stopped to look at the app and boom - disconnected while just looking at it! After that point, it started dropping and reconnecting on a regular basis for the next half hour. Easily 5 to 6 times about 5 - 7 minutes apart.

    For me, this is really an intermittent bug. I'm afraid that if I send it in to FM, the connection will be solid while they test it and say there's nothing wrong with it. But, when I get it back, sure enough it will drop on me.

    My connection sometimes drops right at the beginning and sometimes not until an hour later! However, I still think the connection should never drop unless you go out of range, ow is powered off or phone is off. My OW+ has NEVER dropped.

    @eckit for what it's worth:
    ride style: goofy
    phone location: both! sometimes I wear a jacket with a front breast pocket. Other times, it's in my back pocket.
    float pads: no
    hardware v: 4208
    firmware v: 4117 - andromeda
    purchased: July 2018

    I really do think it's a bad bluetooth chipset they have. It's possible they changed it and went with a cheaper chipset at a cost of performance. It's possible they haven't changed the chipset, but their hardware change has somehow affected it. Without a doubt, hardware version 4208 disables CnR. Maybe the circuitry they put in has somehow affected the bluetooth? Maybe it's just a bad production batch?

    It's really scary to think about firmware updates with this issue. Knowing that the bluetooth connection is choppy and could drop at any time, you could easily brick if you tried updating your board's firmware and the connection dropped!

  • @suboba thanks for the info. We have the same hardware and firmware and we both ride goofy, so that’s good to know. I’m interested to see if any of these factors continue to be consistent as more people respond.

    As far as bricking the board during a firmware update; my board has never dropped if I keep my phone within 2 feet or so. If/when a firmware update is available, I plan on just sitting my phone right on the board while it updates.

    I went riding yesterday and slipped my phone in my right (forward) boot leg. Yeah—I wear cowboy boots while I ride. :) The phone and board stayed connected the entire time, I know this because I checked my watch while riding and it never lost connection.

    From this; it sounds like the Bluetooth is constantly engaged on the board—it is simply a range issue. As opposed to the Bluetooth on the board actually cutting out/dropping due to loose connections or some other reason.

  • @eckit

    Old XR
    Hardware - 4206
    Firmware - Andromeda - 4107
    Works fine. Stable Bluetooth connection

    New XR
    Hardware - 4208
    Firmware - Andromeda - 4117
    Poor Bluetooth connection. Won't stay connected or show realtime info

    I ride regular. Phone usually in front pocket.

    The connection problems also show themselves in the OWheelBuddy and Float Deck apps which leads me to believe it is not a problem with the official OW app.

  • Exactly same situation for me.
    Old XR : stable bluetooth
    NEW XR with new hardware and firmware : keeps reconnecting
    Use iPhone 6s with iOS 10.

  • @Rado thanks for the info. I plan on letting this ride for a week. Then compile all the results and send to FM support. Hopefully there’ll be enough of us to get them to address it. I for one wouldn’t mind helping out with any beta testing if their software engineers have any ideas on how to improve range without a change to the physical chipset.

  • @CLBR thanks for the info!

  • @CLBR I'm using iPhone 6S and 10.3 as well.

  • @eckit Ive spoken with FM about the Bluetooth problems a couple times. They are aware and are trying to find a solution. Today while on the phone with them they asked that I place my phone directly on top of the front footpad and see if the app will maintain a connection. Will try when I get home.

  • @Rado I can confirm that sitting the phone right on the footpad works. I also put the phone in the neck of my boot while riding and it kept connection the entire time. Feel free to share that with them too. That leads me to believe it isn’t that the board is dropping the connection—it’s a range issue. The signal is too weak.
    I’ve also ridden with the phone in my hand about 5 inches lower than my pocket and it keeps the connection. I don’t recommend this because the board gets unstable—at least for a newb such as myself.
    I am 6’2”, if I was 5’5” or wore my pants around my knees—I’d wager that it would keep the connection, too. :)

  • Have you tried with another phone ?
    I did with an old android, not perfect but a little bit better than with the iPhone it seems ... I know it doesn't solve the issue though ...

  • @CLBR I haven’t, but it is definitely not an issue with the phone or app. My tiny AirPods that can stay connected to my iPhone from about 100’ away even with moderate obstructions (like open doorways and halls).
    The XR drops connection in less than 3’ (with obstruction, like a body) and at best 10’ with clean line of sight which is CRAZY. It’s more like RFID or NFC range than Bluetooth.

  • Yup :/
    Right now I am standing next to my OW while it's charging and connexion looks stable.
    It's more of a problem when riding ...

  • Another hour-long, 12 mile ride with my phone in the neck of my boot—never lost connection with the board once. Used my Apple Watch to see the live stats.
    I guess this is what I’ll have to resort to until FM comes up with a fix.

  • I just tried with my girlfriend's iPhone.
    She has an iPhone 6s plus, iOS11.
    Good news (or bad IDK) : Super stable connexion. On the SAME ride I tried again with my phone, I loose connexion every 2s.
    Tried back and forth between hers and mine and same result.

    I am currently updating my iPhone (iOS 12 just released, even tho I promised myself I wouldn't update cuz I'm scared it will slow it down, oh well), I will let you know if it fixes anything.

  • Was raining so didn’t try for too long but looks like the issue is still here on iOS 12...

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