XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @eckit you can’t use your warranty anymore ?

  • @CLBR no, I can. I’ve only had my XR for about a week. Why?

  • Because it seems like it could be a reason for using the warranty and getting a new one, no ? I can’t imagine it’s like this for everyone ?!

  • @CLBR well, I’m going to reach out t them next week. Not entirely sure that it is a unit-by-unit issue, but instead all of the units with the same hardware and firmware. And if that’s the case, I am going to tell them that I will continue to ride this one until they come out with a hardware and/or firmware revision that fixes it. I don’t want to be without my OW for months while they try to sort this out.

  • Sounds like a reasonable thing to do :) let us know what they tell you !

  • @CLBR absolutely!

  • @suboba I can't stay connected either (IPhone X and OW XR). It's so irritating to connect and then lose connection over and over.

  • @nateraso is this only when your OW is moving ? Or also when being idle ?

  • @CLBR when it's idle I'm connected with no problem. When I start riding it takes about 10 seconds to lose connection. The previous comments about the Bluetooth range sound right. I'll stop to see my temperatures/range etc because I can't see much while moving.

  • So after some back and forth with FM support I was told to download an app called “Light Blue” and check the Bluetooth connection by placing my phone directly on the front footpad and take a screenshot and then while holding the phone as if I was riding and take a screenshot. I think the app they are referring to is actually called “LightBlue Explorer” as “Light Blue” doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Bluetooth. I will try this with both my XRs and report back my findings here. Maybe some of you can do the same?

  • +1

    New XR (less than week old)
    Hardware - 4208
    Firmware - Andromeda - 4117
    iOS: 12 on 7+

    BT disconnects often, but rides are fragmented almost always unless the app is open/running and screen not locked. In other words, rides are cut short even when I don't get a notice that the board has disconnected from the app. Have tried w. different location settings, with light on/off, still drops ride/gps data.

  • @Rado thanks for the update! Will do the same.

  • I did use the app, dB varies a lot but the best I could get was around -76, at waist height.

  • @CLBR Yeah, I tried it with both my XRs and they were pretty much the same. Fluctuating between -70 and -85. I’m not sure what this helps with. I was hoping it would show a drastic difference between the two but it didn’t.

  • I just upgraded my iPhone X with iOS 12 yesterday and oddly i have not had ANY disconnects and the connection to the board is almost immediate. It's a similar experience with my Samsung S8+ that connects almost immediately. Has anyone else noticed this after updating to iOS 12? In iOS 11.4 I was having all kinds of disconnects and drops...

    I will say that I'm still getting a footpad sensor warning while riding and have yet to hear back from FM support on this...

  • @bakemono with your iPhone update, what was your test case? That is, for how long, how many miles, etc... Like I said in an earlier post, one random day, I rode for about 5 miles in about 30 min without a single disconnect. A short while after that, it started raining disconnects.

    Idk. It's a very intermittent bug. Very difficult to reproduce.

  • @suboba yeah its fast to connect now but it still doesn't stay connected. I noticed this while riding today. Also LightBlue no longer shows the one wheel as a BT source so I can't get the reading any longer.

    Back to the drawing board :/

  • @bakemono I updated my iPhone from iOS 10 straight to ios12 and didn’t notice any difference, still had the same reconnection issues ...

  • For those who have it working ... what is your typical range ?
    Phone needs to be in your front pocket only and disconnects happen when it’s a bit more far away ? Or it works everywhere ?

  • @CLBR said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    .. what is your typical range ?
    Phone needs to be in your front pocket only and disconnects happen when it’s a bit more far away ? Or it works everywhere ?

    I don't want to believe that the distance between the phone and the board should be a factor. Do Boosted riders need to hold their remote close to the board in order to maintain a solid connection? I highly doubt it. (in fact, would be kinda of dangerous if they experienced such disconnects for obvious reasons).

    Front pocket, back pocket, breast pocket, front shoe, back shoe... it really shouldn't matter. The signal should be omnidirectional for at least 5 feet. My OW+'s connection is solid no matter where I put my phone!

    But yes, calling all owners that have an XR w/ hardware v: 4208 and firmware: 4117, Can any of you say you are experiencing a stable connection?

    If a subset of XR owners with the mentioned versions are not having any connection issues, that could mean there was a bad production batch which some of us unfortunately received.

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