XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @OneDan when did you buy your board?
    FM is aware of this problem for at least 2 months so my question is:
    Why do they still sell these corrupted units????
    It is a pain in the butt to keep my iPhone in the sock all the time!!!

  • @Jackalope Bought it last week, tested this out on my first ride and confirmed the issue. I agree, shouldn't be shipping with this problem. In my support ticket I put a link to this thread.

  • @Jackalope how can you confirm FM is aware of this problem?

  • @tomfoolery read this thread from the biginning...

  • @Jackalope ...there is more discussion on this at Onewheel Riders forum starting on October 12. I have my ticket open since October 8 - and the board is only 3 weeks old.

  • @Jackalope I have kept up with this thread since the first post. FM is nowhere to be seen. At most I count half a dozen people reporting this experience directly to FM and from what I’ve read, FM doesn’t exactly get to the “tickets” in a timely matter so I can only assume they are aware of this problem on only a handful of boards. Until they make an announcement saying they are aware they may just fix each board, under warranty or paid for as they come in. As far as they know, not every board has been affected by this. From what I’ve read here I’d say it most definitely is which is one of the reasons I haven’t just gone ahead and ordered mine now. It sucks because I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on one. I suppose I could call them and bring it to their attention and report back as to what they reply with in regards to it being an issue. I brought up the ferrite ring problem to them and they said they would not fix it until they broke because only some of the harder riders experience that problem so there’s no preventative measure they will provide for that issue.

  • @tomfoolery
    if you are planing to buy one you should definitely call them directly and insist that you will only buy the board if it is with different Hardware - (not 4208) and Firmware - (not Andromeda - 4117). I don't know what else can we do.

    Despite that problem I love the board!

  • Any known issues with
    Hardware 4206 ?
    Firmware 4107 ?

    It’s from a frontier edition. Ive heard that gets “priority” repairs and an extended warranty. Can anyone confirm?

  • New XR
    Hardware: 4208
    Firmware: andromeda 4117
    iOS 12 on iPhone 7plus

    XR constantly losing app connection?

  • @suboba @eckit @Rado seems you guys have had the most contact with FM on this issue . . . any more responses from them? I had my new XR meet me in Hawaii, so to send it back is gonna cost someone (hopefully FM and not me) some $$$s. Not only that, I'm only going to be here until the end of the month.

    My current solution is that I put my phone (Android Pixel) in the lower front pocket of the cargo shorts I'm wearing so it's just above my left knee. I then use the OneWheel app on my WearOS watch to monitor the speed and battery. This works REALLY well (rarely drops), but is in no way a "solution" to the problem.

    My + at home works consistently all of the time with my phone anywhere on my body or with the OneWheelWear watch app directly connected to the board, so there is definitely an issue with these newer XRs.

    Let us know if you have or haven't heard back from FM . . . the XR world awaits!

  • @Jackalope my XR is hw 4208, with fw andromeda 4117, droid galaxy s8 + and I have never had a connection issue. I can pick up the connection 20' away down the hall and out of sight of the wheel. Bummer there are so many people with shifty connections. Good luck!

  • @hilby you’ve got a great connection Bluetooth-wise but you’ve got bigger problems. Best of luck to you bud.

  • I'm using hw 4206 fw 4117. Signal is noticable lower than that of a + but perhaps due to my phone case I don't suffer much interference. I'm using the S-view flip cover for an S7 which is open on all sides. If I had a thicker case, was taller or maybe some other circumstance it may not connect in my pocket. It disconnects unless I'm right over the board, which makes me wonder... Not sure where the bluetooth is on a Onewheel. If it's in the middle of the board somewhere, a fender might cause issues as well. I don't use a fender, they make the OW look like a toy and sound like one too, bleh.

  • I'm finding that apple watch shows 'NO CONNECTION TO ONEWHEEL' even when the lost connection warning doesn't show on the phone. Apple watch can keep BT connected to phone for over 30' - but XR disconnects when stationary at distance of less than 10', and when moving, less than 3'. FM has been in touch with the ticket I posted by email a month ago - just asking for my SN, HW version, etc. They are aware of the issue and testing it out, apparently. Will post again when I know more. PS - I think this is related to the APP/GPS 'teleporting' rides or not properly recording distance, but am not 100%.

  • @OneDan When riding like this - can you properly log a ride (ie. make a big figure 8 over a few blocks) without the recorded ride showing just a single line or some other skipped/curtailed path? Does your watch always keep connection that way with phone down low?

  • @andyro I've never logged a ride, but it should. I can tell the phone doesn't disconnect from the board because my watch vibrates when it connects or disconnects. I also check my speed and battery level pretty often, so that also verifies that the board is still connected. The watch has no problem staying connected to the phone, even at long distances over ten feet away. I'm about to go for a ride, I'll see if I can log it!

    Edit: I had never logged into the app before, it wouldn't take my OneDan+ ID, so had to create a new OneDan ID, LOL. But being a newb with the ride logging, I didn't hit "New ride", so it didn't log my 6.5 mile ride! It did stay connected the whole time, but I'll try again later today to log one.

  • @OneDan+ so far they just let me know they've received it, it is being evaluated, and they'll follow up when they learn any new information. They received it about a week ago today. I'll post on any significant updates.

  • @Jackalope sent them email on the 15th. received automated email back saying they are very busy and someone will get back to me soon......still no response

  • @andyro OK, so I created a ride this time and it worked perfectly. I did see it disconnect for about 1 second while riding, but that was it. The ride plays back with all of my loop backs. I did notice when I started out that it was disconnecting, so I moved my phone to the left side of my left lower pocket and it was solid after that. I think I'm right on the edge of the "connection zone". It's literally about 18" from the board.

  • I got a note from FM that acknowledges that at least my board (SN/HW#) is buggy and will repair IF they deem it below spec and of course at my cost to ship from Canada to the US. I’m really not sure it will be worth the cost.... but will get the quote anyways.

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