XR constantly losing app connection?

  • I have an XR with hardware 4208 and firmware 4117. The Bluetooth works maybe 10% of the time. It never stays connected while riding.

  • @OneDan FM support got back to me. Told me to completely delete the Onewheel app, restart my phone, and try it again. Also, they asked me to remove any aftermarket parts as that could effect the connection. They said if none of that worked, to reply back and they will send me a shipping label for it to be repaired.
    The thing is, like y’all I, I don’t want to be out of a board for several weeks. Especially since I haven’t heard anyone say that they sent their board in with this issue and got it back fixed. This is compounded by the fact that I have one of those armbands for my phone. I wear it around my calf, and monitor my XR from my watch and everything works fine.
    So I’m stuck with this decision to make; out of principle—do I send my board in for a repair because I shouldn’t have to wear my phone around my calf, but I will be without my board for a few weeks? Or do I continue with my “hack” because it doesn’t bother me more than being without my board?
    Still weighing my options.
    I use my board as my first and final mile mode of transportation to and from work. So, being without it for an unknown period of time for something that is basically an annoyance isn’t very appealing right now.
    I may wait to send it in until the winter when I question its reliability in the northeast snow and may not be able to ride it much anyway.

  • Would it be possible to add a buzzer to the hardware that would make a loud noise when you exceed 30 km limit or when you push motor too hard - something in addition to the pushback? Many new boards (including mine) with Hardware - 4208 and Firmware - Andromeda - 4117 constantly losing app connection so I cannot depend on my phone. Just a thought!

  • @eckit I'm in the same situation. I have a solution similar to yours with a watch connected to my phone in my lower front pocket. I'm sure there is an issue since my + works just fine with the same phone and I can carry it anywhere on my body. I can also connect directly from my + to my watch and use the OneWheelWear app, which is way better because it has a speed limit warning.

    My XR is also here with my in Hawaii (only here another week), so sending it back to FM is gonna cost me a bundle. I guess I'm going to have to settle for the annoyance on this XR.

    I was thinking of getting an XR back home to replace my +, but FM's not gonna get my money for that until I hear they've for sure solved this issue.

  • I got my xr in september and have had issues with connection to the app since day one, the board not shutting off when jumping off and racing away, the front grip tape sliding off the board, and now the front white led lights flicker every bump i hit its like a seizure mobile when i ride at night. This is my 3rd onewheel. two plus's and an xr ($5000+). Unfortunately for the uniformed, future motion does not give even the slightest fu$k about you or me or any of it. They held my first plus hostage for 2months after i sent it in not working at two weeks old. They said it was water damage and charged me $400 to fix and get back. I said the dude in the commercial is on the beach. They laughed. It wasnt a joke.
    They have the most amazing product that is solid for the most part and unreplicable, but the customer service is so so bad and shady. So very disappointing to me. They know we will continue to buy onewheels regardless, so why spend the money to improve? I want them to be a good company so badly. its hard for me to suggest anyone get one with all these problems. sucks. fucks up my whole vibe..f you FM arrgggggg

  • @grahamoc I feel you. The only thing holding this company back is their treatment of loyal “customers”. Until there is a viable competitor we’re stuck with them if we want to ride this type of device. My board has been at their repair facility for two weeks now and they won’t answer any of my messages on my support ticket. I had to call 3 times just to get the shipping label sent in addition to creating the support ticket. They said a “battery component” failed. I asked for more clarification as to what that means, whether it is covered under warranty, and why it failed. They haven’t responded to me since. If it’s a defective part it should be covered under warranty. If not, and the lifespan of this part is a few months or less than 500 miles, it needs to be redesigned.

  • @Rado dude its like youre in my old nightmare. I dont even bother sending them or even telling them anything anymore. Unless it is unrideable of course. They are the absolute worst.

  • UPDATE: Ok guys, I just got my board back!

    Wasn't even expecting it. Just got a knock on the door and it was the fedex guy. I took it in and immediately went to check my email. All it said was they were sending it back to me and to let them know if I had any questions.

    No comment on what was done, how the evaluation went, etc... nothing. I have no idea what they did if anything!

    I will do a test ride later this week and report back to you guys. So far this isn't looking good =(

  • @suboba Unless it works, then it looks good, except I REALLY don't want to have to send my board in. FM needs to be more transparent about this stuff.

  • @Rado that is terrible. That is exactly why I don’t want to send my board in. I don’t want it sitting in their warehouse for weeks and weeks without hearing back from them.

  • @suboba please let us know as soon as you can.

  • Just received my brand spanking new XR directly from factory on Wednesday Oct 24, 2018

    I’ve put 28miles on it so far and just getting to the point where I can start playing with the phone while riding. Immediately noticed the “reconnecting” message over and over again and it seems to only happen while I’m riding.

    Float Deck seems to lose connection as well (from a short test I just performed).

    Hardware: 4208
    Firmware: andromeda 4117
    iOS 12.0.1 on iPhone 8

  • @MotoGPTy welcome to the the "losing app connection" club !!!!!
    just wonder why don't they test these boards before they send them....

  • @Jackalope Ha. Thank you. Perhaps the radio quality has gotten worse with later production boards? I did see on the Adam Savage video that they do testing of every board but maybe it's a quick test of only motor / safety / on&off functionality? Perhaps as long as the BT radio powers up, it's considered good in the QC check

  • @suboba any update on your board ? Was the fix effective ?

  • @suboba any update? Raquel at FM just emailed me assuring me that they could fix my board and send it back within 5 business days. But I’m anxious to hear if what they did for you worked before I agree to send my board in.

  • I got the similar e-mail stating that I can send my board in to fix the problem... It looks FM figured it out what is wrong :-)

  • still struggling with this app connection and FM's lack of customer service.it is really starting to bug me and am considering endless comments on their facebook posts about this. I do love riding the board any chance I get but am also unable to switch it to delirium. anybody figure this out?
    also, when I am charging the board app connection seems to work fine,even from 10 feet away.....must be some kind of power issue

  • @Hoggwheel are you unable to switch to delerium because the app won’t connect to the board? There’s YouTube videos that show you how to manually change modes without the app. heres one video

  • UPDATE: ok guys, as promised, I am reporting after my test ride after receiving my board back.

    Today, I ran two trips, 4.1 miles and 6 miles, on a single charge with not a single drop! The duration for both trips was about an hour. I was riding really slow, since I haven't had my board for a while.

    Now don't get too excited. This is by no means a fair, long enough sampling. Like I have said in my previous posts, I have gone miles without a drop one day, and then raining disconnects the next.

    I'm not sure how many test miles I have to do to conclude the problem is fixed, so I figure I will ride on a 'regular' basis and just see what happens. I figure if i ride daily on my 5 mile test track for 2 weeks straight, I should have a reasonable conclusion.

    For now, I will say that initial connection was a bit tough. I don't mind though. That's something I can live with.

    Once again, I am not coming to a conclusion on whether this issue is fixed or not. I will be testing more and will report back in about two weeks. In the mean time, I will contact FM and ask them specifically what the did (if anything) and hopefully get some kind of documentation of what work was done. Could they have hand- soldered a chip or two? Possibly, but looking at the thing, there's now way I can tell if it was even opened up.

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