Flight Fins/Fender/Shield - First Impressions

  • @Vitaly . Hmm. I will look into this, thanks. If you get a chance could you post a pic? If not no worries.

  • @Glyph said in Flight Fins/Fender/Shield - First Impressions:

    @Vitaly . Hmm. I will look into this, thanks. If you get a chance could you post a pic? If not no worries.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Vitaly Thanks!

  • I do also have the FullFlight set (FlightFender + FlightFins + FlightShield) and like the quality very much - I think the two brothers really did a great job and this is worth the money.

    However, I decided for the moment not to use the FlightFins, because It is unlikely that I will start to hurt myself with jumps that high that would require FlightFins - I am more into offroading and my kind of jumps are basically only drops. Furthermore to jump with the FlightFins one would have to lock its feet very close to the middle, which for my style of riding feels strange, because I am used to a very wide stance.
    So for my usage the FlightFins would only help for hopping up some edges. For those rare moments (which would require changing my stance) I decided not to trade in the chance of hurting myself, because I am a little bit affraid I might stay locked in during one of my (many) bails that I usually run out.
    That said, I am sure those (impressive good quality things) will find a lot of fans from the young guns going wild with jumps.

    But the FlightFenders are perfect for me. I like seeing the wheel, that´s why I love this fender for it awesome look. Also they are perfect for offroad riding. I get rid of most of the little stones and dirt coming from the tire and I do not have to be afraid of damaging the fender when the board rolls over, because of its clever design.

    Also the FlightShield is perfect for my usage, because I need a fender only 5% of the time and for this it perfectly does the job. It´s just so nice to have this very small thing in the bag and attach it in 5 seconds.

  • By the way:
    For covering the slots and providing a little bit of an improved lock-in for mounting the FlightFender inside, I have created two little parts for 3D printing. I am going to share it tomorrow (just registered to thingiverse, this requires 24h of wait until I am allowed to share something).

    0_1533991322766_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-11 14-39-43.png

  • I got the FF's and the Fender and agree that I like that locked in feeling you get, but I'm wondering too what'll happen on an emergency bail. Kinda want to get some Fangs now, just where I mostly ride I don't think they would help very much.
    Gotta say too that I love the partial fender, I get sick of hearing stones bounce around in the full fender, and yeah I get some in my shoes, but it's still better than listening to them!
    So here's a suggestion for a future mod for the brothers to make these more compatible for those of us with Mafia bags:
    Create the fenders and the Fins with a sort of tongue and groove design, possibly reinforce it with metal for strength, but where you slide it up from the bottom of the fender toward the top, and there could be a set screw stopper that you screw in once you get it at the height you want. Easy on and off for transport, and it would still be strong.

  • For those of you with access to a 3D printer who like to print/modify the FlightFender-SlotCover/FlightShield-Holder, here is the link:

  • Regarding the FlightShield, how does it hold up compared to a normal fender?
    To me it seems to be less wide than say the onewheel fender, but I'm not sure this is a "problem" at all.
    How does it hold up in a very sandy or wet environment?

    That said, I really like that it is easy to remove, so easy to clean out anything that has jammed up between fender and wheel.

  • @jonas - it's definitely narrower than a "standard" fender. I haven't ridden it in wet conditions.

    My concerns are:

    A.) It's SO easy to remove, that I am fairly certain that it will occasionally shift out of place and get loose while riding rough terrain, and probably whenever you roll the board (the only thing holding it in place is flex-tension). To me, this seems like it would be a hassle to constantly adjust, for you off-roaders. I mostly ride pavement, so it will probably be less of an issue for me; I'll just put it on whenever it looks to be wet outside. It'd be nice to have a slightly more secure attachment.

    It just occurred to me: you might be able to add some adhesive industrial velcro, that'd probably do the trick, it'd be just as easy on/off, but stay in place through any jouncing around. If I do this I'll report back.

    B.) Aesthetics: it looks a little corny to me. I don't have it handy to take a picture, but because my Fins are set pretty much at max height and the Shield rests on the top Fin bolts, the Shield rises like the St. Louis Arch over the tire when viewed side-on. Something a little more low-profile, that follows more closely the curvature of the tire, would look more sleek. I could trim the Shield to be a little shorter (and I may) but I'll probably end up with raggedy edges (or at least not clean rounded corners to it) when I do, which is a bummer.

  • @Glyph Flight-shield PRO has been released:

    I've just got my Shield, now I'm looking into PRO version.

    @MichaelW please confirm there are no other new shields coming out soon? As every time I order something, new version of it coming right away after. Lol.

  • @Vitaly Ain't that the way of it. It's pretty pricey too ($40 plus $5 shipping for a rectangle of flexible plastic?). I'd definitely want to hear from someone who got one before I pull the trigger.

    BTW, thanks for the tip and pics on the additional bolt to put the Shield inside the Fender. I did the same.

  • Hey guys! Yeah, we released this Pro Sheild yesterday. blocks the fender slots, works with FlightFins or without, is lower profile and is pretty indestructible.


  • Probably should hold off on the pro shields as they'll bring out the pro v2 as soon as you order it. LOL

  • I received my Pro Shield. If you are wavering between the original Flight Shield and the Pro, get the Pro, if you can afford it. It definitely looks, functions and installs better, IMO, though it ain't cheap.

  • alt text

    That's my two dollars solution how to attach FlightFender to Craft&Ride OneTail :)

  • @MichaelW so does that shield sit between the tire and the fender or is it still supposed to slip in between the fins and the fender?

  • @MichaelW I rode the FlightFins without fins or shield for about a month thinking they would be better than nothing and more convenient than the OW brand fender. The slots let a lot of grit through. The original Shield apparently requires Fins to work and rides too high to remain stable. The Pro is definitely perfection IMHO. It stays in place, covers the slots fully, sits nice and low, stays in place and the side edges are contoured to be narrower at the peak, allowing tumbles without jarring the shield too bad. I've driven through some serious puddles with no splashback. Being removable, it makes it easy to hose down and dry the board after a muddy ride. Not sure about the Fins themselves. I weigh 220 lbs. and don't really want to be literally jumping the board up curbs. Nor do I want anything possibly grabbing my foot during a nosedive.

  • @tomfoolery Pro shield goes inside the fender and into slots. Classic tucks behind the fins. You pull the fins back a bit and wedge them in there. Pro is the better option and an improvment over the Classic.

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