Waterproofing OneWheel

  • Hey OneWheelers... I recently started using a Vacuum Chamber for a laminating process for something work related.... but - one unique thing about the vacuum chamber is that you can impregnate void spaces in just about anything with a liquid. Thoughts on impregnating the circuit board with some sort of waterproof sealant?

  • @AuburnTiger
    High amp circuits need to breathe/dissipate heat.

    Dunno much specs on the OW boards but guys building e-foils are having difficulty dealing with waterproofing and heat on their ESCs

    e-foil builders

  • In the Youtube video of Adam Savage building his Onewheel XR (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZjxvW17cZ0) I remember Kyle mentioning that the circuit boards are coated with some sort of waterproofing material at the 7:19 minute mark. I have seen circuit board assemblies in wheelchairs and mobility scooters that are totally encased in a blue caulk like rubber so your idea may work for extra waterproofing. But as fruitygreen mentioned, some way to dissapate heat would be ideal.

  • @mustugio11
    Good find. thanks
    Okay the BMS has been dealt with, but what about the power controller?

    i have found that the ports (drilled holes not plugs)and the led lense arent sealed to be waterproof on pre-XR models

    Maybe they did more to the XR to deal with water.
    Gotta wait till my warranty expire before I experiment on my XR.

  • @fruitygreen The boards are indeed conformally coated, but it doesn't seem to actually work very well in practice. Not sure if they have a processing issue, but my BMS had no problem developing corrosion on it and failing, despite the coating.

  • @makermarc
    it would be so truly cool to have the OW to be waterproofed. There are some places where my family tear up the beaches, but knowing the OW is vulnerable to moisture we are confined. The wheel bearings itself needs attenttion when it comes to salt water .

    It is asking alot to have a waterproof vehicle. What a great deal it is to waterproof any mechanical device. Corrosion is a constant that we need to accept.

    FM must be overwhelmed with flooded boards.


  • I've been getting curious about how much the Onewheel will actually stand up to water myself. I live in Oakland, CA and ride every day to work in SF. With winter slowly approaching I'm cringing.

  • @Christmas86d Don't cringe, i rode almost every day last winter in Portland and my boards are fine. Splashed through many puddles and rode through light rains. Once I even splashed through a huge puddle of saltwater at the beach by accident (maybe don't do that every day but it caused no problems for me once.)

    The only drawback I've seen: footpads will start to slowly decompose where the edge tucks under the fender - unless you are VERY diligent about removing the fender and drying them off.

  • I used a custom leak checker tool to find everywhere that a onewheel can leak (pretty much everywhere). Then, I sealed all those spots and used the same tool to verify I was 100% sealed. You can check out how it works at my website and buy a kit. www.badgerwheel.com

  • One wheel circuits not coated

    I just sent my board back for a bad red light on the battery side. They told me there was water damage to both LED lights so the Battery Case had to be replaced $150.00 Labor 50.00 Shipping and Handling 80.00

    I had this board 10 months and 780 miles, never submerged in water and not even driven through a puddle.

    Thus not under warranty..???!!!!! and I am within the warranty period.

    This is a manufacturing defect these circuit boards should be conformal coated, meaning some type of fingernail polish solution should be brushed on them to keep the connections from rusting. This is a design/manufacturing issue you should not be charging customers because you have not product for the indented environment.

    Please help reconcile this.

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