Stupid problems, warranties, must keep riding

  • Hey everybody!
    New guy here. Names Grant. Vandalia, Ohio.
    First off just want to say these forums have been great and very informative. I’m proud to be a part of the onewheel community. So my first problem happened a couple days after I regripped my front pad. I watched @jeffmccosker ‘s video and followed his instructions. Btw, Jeff, you da man! Somewhere along the line I must have damaged the sensor. Board started just disengaging at random times and throwing me off. Fm was cool, and helpful and quick to respond. I couldn’t believe I called the number and someone answered! Well since I had voided my footpad warranty by regripping, had to cough up the dough for another footpad. That sucked. But oh well... my love is unconditional. Well that was a couple weeks ago and all has been well with the new pad. Except my damn grip slipping forward all the time. But anyway tonight the white light on the front quit. I’m guessing it’s the ferrite ring rattling problem. Which I noticed around 300 miles. (I’m at about 575 miles now) So now I got no light, and I’d rather send my nuts to Californy than my onewheel. But if I open the box to try and fix the problem there goes my warranty and my watertightness. What if I void the warranty fixing a stupid headlight and then the computer goes out? I need advice from an expert. I wanna like talk on the phone to somebody and have a conversation. I’m sick of waiting for emails and I can only talk to customer care on the phone, not the actual engineers or whatever. I was thinkin I could just like post my number on here if anybody would be willing to talk to me. Can I do that? Seems like you almost need to buy two onewheels so you can ride one while the other’s being worked on. I don’t care what it takes though I will never stop riding. I feel like a bunch of dudes sat down and invented this thing just for me and I understand there will be bugs. I’m not afraid to work on stuff. I just don’t want to get screwed. So many words... sorry... help!

  • @BigJee

    Yes you need a backup board! I keep my OW+ hanging around for that reason.

    If you want to keep the rest of the 1 year warranty, it's painful but you should send your board back to them for the headlight issue. If you are near the end of the warranty (which you can't be on a OW+XR, but I didn't see you mentioned which board), you could do the work yourself.

  • Yeah it’s an xr. I wonder if they’ll let me finance another one when I haven’t paid off the first one yet.... I guess I’m gonna be riding in stealth mode for a while. Maybe get a little help from some duct tape and a mag lite. I have been treating this thing like it’s my first born. I mean... aside from standing on it and riding it hard through the woods... I’ve been so paranoid that I’d tear it up and now it starts. Kinda frustrating. But I guess you gotta pay to play. Still way more fun than my ex girlfriend.

  • @BigJee Heh, you'll get over that thing where you baby it after it rolls on pavement a few times and the rails are all gnar!

    I had an issue with loud clicking (probably a bad bearing) and I couldn't handle waiting for service so I bought a second Plus when I sent my first one in for service shrug they did fix it and now I'll always have a backup board in case one needs servicing.

    Financing will be up to Karma or whoever provides the loan. Lenders really like selling loans so they will probably be more than happy to accommodate you with another loan for a backup board.

  • Man it just seems like so much money but what the hell... monthly fee to shred. I figured up the other day that if I had gone snowboarding as many times as I’ve gone onewheeling I would have spent like 1800 already on lift tickets alone. And I’m talkin cheap Ohio lift tickets! So I guess it’s worth it. But if it’s gonna be something that keeps messin up all the time do I really want to have 2 of em? Like a year from now after warranty is up am I gonna have 2 messed up boards? If something major happens down the road and it’s out of warranty, will I still be able to pay them to fix it? Or will it just be dead. Like I’m saying if the motor goes bad or the computer ya know? Thanks for the advice by the way fellas.

  • @BigJee Aside from one (cosmetic) issue which didn't affect ridability, which they handled for me in warranty, all 3 of my boards are really solid (total of >3000 miles). both of my Pluses have been abused a lot by friends learning, and on Fridays now I ride with a group of 20ish people, haven't seen anybody have malfunctions on any of their boards when we ride. To me it's very clear: they are not typically flakey machines.

  • @BigJee

    One of the Boston riders has a great post about adding shred lights:

  • Whoa that’s pretty cool! Might hold me over til I can part with it for a while.

  • So here’s what I wanna know now... let’s say a year goes by and I’m out of warranty and the battery goes bad or the computer for some reason messes up or the hub motor goes out... then what happens? It seems to me that whatever goes bad, they should be able to swap it out right? I mean of course for a price... but there shouldn’t ever be anything that is just fatal to the whole machine right? Anybody had any experience with this?

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