Real world range experience - high side of what's stated

  • I've had an XR for about six weeks now and my experience with distance range per charge has been incredible. I haven't tracked for every charge, but here's some of what I have noticed:
    Over 20 miles on mostly flat, smooth pavement.
    App shows 55% battery remaining, with 58% usage and 14% regen, after a 10.4 mile ride on varied elevation, asphalt.
    Over 50% battery remaining after ~10 mile rides.
    App shows an estimated remaining range of 9 miles with 39% battery remaining (I didn't track the mileage up to this point)

    I want to ask if others are experiencing this.
    I also want to ask what range plus owners are getting. Does is often exceed the stated '5-7 miles'?

  • I weigh 175, I live in a very hilly neighborhood, ride in delerium continuously, mixed terrain but mostly pavement. my results:

    Onewheel Plus: 5.0-5.5 miles
    Onewheel XR: 15-17 miles.

    From my brief testing on flatter terrain it seems the plus would easily exceed 7 miles especially if riding in mission mode which is less power-hungry. I've heard from others that it can last up to 9 or 10 miles.

  • @cheenster You can't judge by what the app says you have remaining. It is not consistent or least not on the 2 brand new XRs I bought. I think it is an algorithm trying to predict mileage based on current conditions and guessing future conditions. Anyway, it is usually all over the map. The only accurate way is to see how many miles you actually go! Anything else is just a guess.

  • @wheelrich I have one plus that behaves like that - can't trust the app's % remaining, period - but my other 2 onewheels (one Plus, one XR) both are deadly accurate with the % remaining calculation - it is always flawless, and matches the result of the formula 100-[displayed usage - displayed regen].

    Unfortunately it seems some percent of boards have a poorly calibrated internal battery measurement and the % remaining gauge is never quite right. And before anyone says it: no, this particular problem cannot be fixed by simply "balancing" the cells (48, 72 or more hours connected to the charger still does not fix it.)

    I know it is not just app software because the blue pulsing light on the side of the board also reflects the incorrect % even when not connected to any app.

  • @readysetawesome I wonder if you just have to ride your OW battery until it is empty to get it to calibrate accurately? I have never run it even halfway down yet.

  • @wheelrich I wish. I've drained it to "absolute zero" (board shutdown) about 20 times since this started a year ago.

    Nothing fixes it, not even a factory reset (which was done during some other warranty service, which did reset the odometer).

  • My OneWheel V1 achieves a range of about 17km Max ( 10.6 Miles ) In warm weather riding over Asphalt 90 % of the time. I weigh 143 Pounds.

    Usually I can get a range of about 13-15 km ( 8,125- 9.375 miles )

    In low temperatures below 8 Degrees calsius range is reduced by about 35 percent.

  • @readysetawesome have the same issue on my V1 you can use Volts or used Amphours to guess battery level.

    I am now trying to fully drain the battery and then leave it connected to the charger for 72 Hours ...

  • @vafreak correct it still counts amp hours and displays them under “usage” (bottom of the main screen) as a correct %.

    So if I leave the board on and app connected for the duration of my entire battery then I can use this formula and it is accurate:
    100 - (usage - regen)
    Just can’t use the audible app warnings

  • I have been trying to get 20 miles out of my plus with two-x upgrade, I just can't do it, so far. Best is 19.3mi. I would have to lose weight or something to do better I think. Or maybe find some perfect smooth pavement. All these things def make a difference

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