repetitive stress: Had to switch to Goofy due to sore lower back

  • It's not bad but I started to develop a permanent sore spot on my lower right back/upper hip area. I believe I strained it one time and then never let it heal properly because I ride at least 5, often 10 miles daily. It is getting better already, I plan to switch regularly to avoid overdoing it on either side and keep muscle tone more ... symmetric I guess.

    Anybody have a similar experience? Riding hard really pounds those muscles and I'm guessing this will become more common as people rack up miles.

  • I haven’t had any back pain but my right knee always hurts. It’s had a lot of past injuries. You know what really helps? CBD oil. I bought some of the lotion version shortly after I got my onewheel cause I was sore as hell. At first you’re not sure if it’s working, but then if you don’t use it one day you will notice. I just rub it on my legs after the shower and I almost never feel that pain anymore. I think it helps with the whole foot cramp thing everyone talks about. It’s good for you in a lot of other ways too. Health food stores usually have it. A lot of people I’ve talked to are skeptical cause it comes from cannabis. They can have their Advil. I’ll use what God gave us. It works!

  • @BigJee yeah CBD salves are amazing for both joints and muscles! I’ve been lucky with my knees, knock on wood

  • Lucdog in the morning does a weekly podcast called voice of onewheel. There is an episode directed at thi topic. TTR studios on YouTube. Spread the Stoke.

  • Thanks, I'll check it out!

    Guys, this is amazing BTW - learning to ride goofy. It's really fun to learn to carve all over again on the other side! Didn't anticipate that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jruiz72 said in repetitive stress: Had to switch to Goofy due to sore lower back:

    Lucdog in the morning does a weekly podcast called voice of onewheel. There is an episode directed at thi topic. TTR studios on YouTube. Spread the Stoke.

    His chiropractor said his back was developing more pull or muscle or something on one side of his spine, so he decided he would try to ride switch more often to compensate.

  • I've been learning switch for the last three days. It is practically the same as when I learned to ride regular, over 1000 miles ago. It feels very awkward, but I'm getting better.

    I am wondering if riding switch only improves riding in your regular stance, or if your brain will sometimes get confused about your stance and cause you to make mistakes. Like if you get good at switch, can your regular stance periodically feel less natural/automatic?

  • @Mmhmmm I'm almost as good goofy now, but my brain is not any worse at regular, I think the key is to keep switching and repeating. Your brain is super elastic and as such it doesn't usually obliterate your existing skills when developing new ones - only if you stop practicing a skill does it start to erode your mastery of it.

    eventually my brain was just like "whichever way you want, boss! all the same to me", neither one feels weird or shakey now.

  • @readysetawesome thanks for your reply. It is interesting, because, at first it feels real oogie to ride switch, then after a bit there is a small twinge of good feeling. As the new muscle memory starts to develop, it then gets kind of exciting to practice it.
    When I switch back to my regular stance there is a brief moment of re-think, but as you said this will normalize the more you switch back and forth.
    Better skill building, and better muscle/mental symmetry.

  • For other sports practicing offhand seems to improve overall technique, or how the athlete resolve the situation. Fex when I coached kids in basketball we would focus on doing most of the layup training "goofy"/offhand (ex most shoot with right hand and jump off the left foot, offhand in this case would be to shoot with left hand and jump off the right foot). The "right" side picked up really fast and now we also had the added bonus of them being able to attack the basket from any angle while still being able to protect the ball, and to do so without having to think about it.

    Another benefit was that overall focus got better as using offhand require more effort, and being able to focus for any length of time is something you have to train as well.
    That said, I had to introduce this training in small but intense doses as they would initially fail quite a lot, and this would sour them to any type of training if I kept going.

  • I just started spending some time in switch stance over the last couple of days, and it has been humbling to say the least!

    I have been starting riding my usual and then doing a 180º to switch. Does anyone know whether you are at higher risk of having issues when riding with the sensor pad at the back foot instead of the front? I guess when you come to a stop, your front foot will drop because it will be the weighted side?

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