XR and Float plates: clearance? any install pics?

  • I can't stand how the XR's bottom edge is a little lower than the Plus, causing excessive wear on the bumpers. How do the XR float plates fit? I want to see them installed and look at how the edges are beveled.

  • @readysetawesome the float plates add enough to keep the bumpers from scraping. Some have switched to + bumpers so the can replace the stock plate with the float plate for a more even look. but if you do that I imagine the bumper edges would once again scrape the ground. So float plates take up room, but protect the bumper edge. It's a trade off, but I am glad I got them. They take a lot of abuse.

  • I found a brand new pair of float plates I had purchased for my Plus and never used - working perfect on the XR, so I guess that answers my question. I just had to find some longer screws. Doesn't change the clearance very much.

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