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  • Just added the new Sidewinder split fender from Owarmor to my XR w/Cobra pad. So far I love it. I set one of my flight fender halves next to it to compare the size. The sw is solid injected mold plastic, not ribbed inside like the ffender. It only uses 2 screws to a side, not 4. It takes up way less board space than the ffenders, but seems at least as strong, if not stronger. I think even flight fins would work better with it, although holes would need to be drilled. And it covers more area of the tire, so I anticipate that more debris will be deflected than with the flight fenders. All in all a nice solid addition. Had this been in production earlier I never would have purchased the flight fender.


  • @wheelrich Does that fender keep debris off the decks? The Sidewinder seems to cover a bit more of the wheel so wondering if hold debris better?

    I also bought the flight fender and it threw too much crap up on the deck when off-roading. Bummer as I really dug the look of the open wheel again.

  • @AS I will let you know. I haven't ridden it yet. Just put it on and I am getting ready to do a bicycle event. But I think it will. It is almost twice the height of the flight fender, no slots, and it wraps around the tire more. It is very thick and solidly built. I think it would support flight fins with some holes drilled into it. And the fins could be mounted higher than with the flight fenders.

  • @wheelrich Thanks a bit of the experience once you've ridden on various terrains! Looks super sturdy.

  • @AS said in new split fender:

    @wheelrich Thanks a bit of the experience once you've ridden on various terrains! Looks super sturdy.

    It is. The plastic is solid, not hollowed out. Just got back from a weekend cycling event. Plan to OW on Wednesday. I will be able to tell you more after that.

  • OK, I finally got back to OWing and a chance to check out my new split fenders, the "sidewinders" from OWarmor. They are great! Very solid. Did not notice any issues when the board rolled over on the concrete basketball courts I was riding on.

    I did 5.1 miles. I have ridden this several time before, and always picked up a lot of fine gravel on both pads. This time it was much less. The rear pad got almost none. The front pad picked up some, but much less than usual. In fact after about 20 minutes of riding it seemed to quit picking up much at all, making me think that maybe the tire getting more dirt/dust on it helped keep gravel from sticking. But yet, in the past it seemed to keep pouring gravel on the pads endlessly, so who knows?

    But bottom line is, that debris pick up is much less and really only on the front pad. I guess the direction of tire rotation causes some to be thrown from the rear forward. I also have Flight Fenders on my other board. No comparison. They hardly help at all, and they don't even fit tight to the bottom. There is a gap between board and fins. The sidewinders fit perfectly.

    I did notice more noise, but I think that is common to fenders...they focus the road sound. But it quickly became white noise to me, that I paid no attention to, once I checked my tires a couple times..

    I paid $59 for the sidewinders. Quality is top you get a longer allen wrench for the screws! A nice touch.

  • Rode in the dirt around a baseball park today. The Vega threw a lot of fine gravel to the front pad. However, the back pad stayed fairly clean. I guess it is just characteristic of a split fender. I still prefer it to nothing or a full fender.

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