16 Blink Error Msg?????

  • Any OW Yoda's out there that can tell me what a 16 blink error msg is about? I'm getting this code when the OW is plugged into the charger on the ground, when the OW is sitting in it's stand (plugged into the charger) I'm getting the 4 blink "invalid power up orientation" WTH????

  • @Devon
    It means trouble
    However you see it. Had the same issue.
    Had to send it in.
    Common Error Codes

    I'm getting Error 6 or 16. What's up?
    You're trying too hard bro. Your Onewheel's motor stalled for too long and the unit shut down to protect itself. This can happen easily at low speeds trying to go up steep inclines, bumps or cracks. Cycle your power (turn the board off and then back on) and you should be good to go.

    What's error 16?
    We know, it's not even on the sheet. Error 16 means your battery isn't talking to your controller properly. If you're getting an error 16 shoot us an email at support@rideonewheel.com and we'll get you taken care of.

  • @fruitygreen thanks!

  • @Devon
    Very welcome.
    Was hoping FM would of been the voice to help.

    Forums are usually filled with answers and info, but often too unorganized and scattered.

    Search features sometimes spit out vague responses.

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