Stoked to recieve my OneWheel on order, concerned about wood material warping in rain.

  • Hey guys,

    I've clearly become an anxious One Wheel waiting duder and can't stop thinking
    about this thing. I've braced myself for the wait, but am a little concerned about how the hardware will hold up under wet and dirty conditions. As a life-long skateboarder growing up in Seattle, the rain was a huge bummer as it obviously would warp the ply-wood on the skateboarding deck. As a result, if the pavement was wet we didn't skate. I can see from the photos that their is wood on the frame or at least on the platform part.

    My questions is, how much of the material is wood? Has anyone had an issue with warp after riding in in the rain? Can those pieces be easily swapped out and replaced along with new grip tape? I'd also love to know what the the average wait time is if anyone has an educated guess that would be awesome.

  • @Mykel_3D I do not think this will be an issue for you. Just make sure you dry it off after each ride and store it in a dry place (low humidity). I rinse mine off after every ride, and live in an extremely humid area (90% humidity in Dec yay!). The foot pads are the only wood, and they can be replaced if necessary. You can order spares from FM.

    Gratz on your new soon to be favorite thing!

  • @Mykel_3D I was a skater as a kid and would never let my board get wet because it was never the same after ...fortunately the Onewheel wood isn't the same wood and can get wet.. Mine has been wet many many times and nothing has changed.. I believe it's pressure treated and coated with a laquor

  • Don't be concerned. Totally a non-issue.

  • Agreed. No issue with warping.

  • Don't trip, potato chip

  • I live in Vancouver and have riden the OW wet many times; this time of the year it's almost the only way to ride. No problem riding wet at all.

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