Pushback @ 15mph

  • About a week after getting my Onewheel+XR it started pushing back at 15mph in mission elevate and delerium modes.

    I've tested going up and down hills and on the level.
    I emailed support a week ago but have received no response. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • This is normal. I think the stated top speeds are for some ideal set of conditions (including rider weight) that most of us are not within.

    I get pushback in mission and delerium at 15mph on all three of my boards: two Pluses, one XR.

  • I think as you're getting more comfortable you're now more relaxed and sensitive to the board. Seems normal to me.. now if you didn't get push back I'd be worried.

    After crashing a few times going past 15 mph now I keep my speed as soon as I feel it and haven't crashed in a year.

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