Onewheel, the next version

  • Has anyone heard any rumors on what is planned for the next version of Onewheel? The XR was just a battery upgrade.
    Onewheel - v1
    Onewheel + - v2
    Onewheel XR v2.5

  • Pretty much every new version is just a few minor upgrades. I think we can expect more of the same, but my gut says the most likely next move product-wise is offering more customization of footpads/frame rail colors/etc. They have a lot to benefit from keeping the hardware consistent and not introducing new manufacturing and service complexity.

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  • I bet a swappable battery is in the works. I'd love to see something like this, but for ppl using float plates it would suck having to take them off every time for a swap

  • @JacoNZ have you seen the patents they have online? here’s one and
    here’s the other

    I like how they’re not cornering the market on all these accessories or upgrades people are doing. The float life and other people have created products to personalize our boards and provide protection. It sucks you can’t fly with the XR so seeing a replaceable battery would be nice for flight.

  • @tomfoolery @jonnyk

    Future Motion had previously stated in an interview they didn't want to add a failure mode/point by introducing a removable battery. That could change but they didn't like the idea of adding a spot for dirt/dust/water to enter the board and I doubt they want to be in the battery pack game... I do agree that it would make travel easier.

    There are several bike companies that offer very competitive pricing for ground shipping which a lot of OW folks have used and been happy with. No fear at the airport with TSA that way, or airport people snagging boards. There are two OW's I know of that have been missing for months when they were taken out of luggage and never returned to their owners.

  • I would like to see a wheel that changes easily. A quick release mount system would allow complete removal of tire/wheel/motor assembly. Future Motion could sell additional assemblies, maybe with off road treaded tires. They would make even more money off of buyers, and owners would get an easy way to ride different terrains without having to unmount/remount different tires. Win-win,

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