Complaint/Suggestion Forms for airlines/shipping companies

  • Can we start a list of airlines and shipping companies that have been confirmed to not ship onewheels? I know UPS will in the US.. but i believe in other locations they are not. Then if we can locate some sort of online complaint/customer service form, we should all start submitting info.. even if you are not personally impacted yet.

    The key information to submit, and it should be easy to find facts online, is that the chance of an issue with a battery is directly related to the below things, all of which would exclude the Onewheel.

    1. Type of battery. Not all Lithium ion batteries are the same! The OW uses a Lithium iron phosphate battery, not a Lithium cobalt oxide battery. The latter has a higher power density, and can be made smaller. So they are commonly used in small devices. Lithium cobalt oxide presents safety risks especially when damaged. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a lower power density, longer life and are much safer. FM picked this battery for these reasons. Think of how these boards are used.
    2. Quality of construction. There are a few situations when batteries can be dangerous. First is during charging. If the charger does not have some mechanism to stop when the battery reaches a certain level, they can become very hot and potentially malfunction badly. Also an issue with any wiring etc can cause a problem. Second, if the battery is not well protected, and it is hit hard enough to penetrate it.. bad things can happen. We have no concerns here with Onewheel.

    We all need to get involved asap or this can get further out of control. If anyone has media contacts.. we should type up some decent info for them as well. Future Motion also needs to get involved, do a press release or something.

    Bottom line, in the past airlines have banned items, they can be much more specific and even ban based on brand. Just as amazon has only banned very specific hoverboards. We need them to start basing this off facts and a specific list of potentially dangerous devices.

    Sorry for the long post. Early morning and maybe i am a bit grumpy. But i am very concerned this will get worse if something does not put the breaks on the hysteria that is frothing around hoverboards.

    Found the forms and/or contact info for the major US airlines. If you send something to them, please be professional. Much more effective that way.




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