XR VS Evolge Bamboo GTZ AT Carving

  • I bought the evolve whilst waiting for the XR to be delivered. Its a carving monster! Now I have the XR I like it but cant help but feel a bit underwhelmed. The Onewheel is better for turning radius, no remote, you cant lean in the wrong way as in break but not lean back, no pairing of remotes, I can use it in the dark and the rain.

    But in good conditions its so much fun to cruise along doing deep carving with the evolve.

    The onewheel deck stays parallel to the ground when turning at higher speeds and you cant get onto the edge of the tyre. I wonder if a different tyre or the flight fins would help.

    Its supposed to be like a snowboard but a snowboard would be on its edge when turning, it wouldn't be flat to the ground

    What do you think?

  • @leefish1981 I think that you are right....and wrong. The OW feels a lot like snowboarding in powder, while the Evolve it very similar to carving on groomers :)

  • @leefish1981 A lot of people that have switched out the stock cylindrical Vega for a more rounded tire have said they prefer the carving after the swap out, since it's easier to tilt a more rounded tire to its side edges smoothly.

    The tradeoff can be that a rounded tire requires more work from the rider to stay balanced at a stop. If you primarily ride off-road and rarely stop for anything, that's a non-issue, but if you are a city rider who frequently has to stop at crosswalks and stoplights and balance while you wait, it's something to consider.

    I have the Vega and Flight Fins, and I definitely feel like the FFs help me tilt the board farther to each side for carving.

  • @Tartopom TBF I have only snowboarded indoors so have never experienced actual powder.

  • @leefish1981 So you are missing what is really the best feeling in snowboarding ;) it's actually 2 different way of riding. On groomers you spend you time alternating edges and carve a lot, while on powder you are floating ! linking soft turn or just going flat to enjoy the float feeling. Try the onewheel on wood flakes path, it feels a lot like powder ;) then you will want to try snowboarding in good conditions :)

  • You may be right about the lean part of carving. Although, I enjoy the crap out of the tighter turning radius of a OW as I feel I can carve harder than I can even on a snowboard. The OW can even turn sharp enough to break traction and spin on a point, much like a snowboard can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtPE1ZG6glU&t=2s You will eventually be able to get the tire on its edge. It may just take a little practice and ankle strength.

  • mission gives less side to side assist than delerium. what mode are you riding in? also, burris 5.5 tire.

  • also, i weigh 180 and liked riding the vega at 30psi. way better at carving, but you feel everything off road. still if you get used to riding it at 30psi off road the 5.5 will feel like you're surfing air

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