Fender- Why would I ever take it off?

  • Ok, obviously it looks cooler with no fender.

    That said, I hated the pile of dirt and crap that would accumulate on my back foot.

    I see the guys on videos riding in the woods with no fender. Any reason I need to take off the fender?

    I've never got anything stuck in there.


  • Especially in off-road situations fender can break pretty quick :)
    I ride with FlightFender and Fins.

    alt text

  • Many people hate all the noise that a fender makes. IMO, it's a blessing and a curse.

  • @jackiemoon

    Stuff gets stuck under the fender when riding off road.

    I prefer the naked look but only when I know where I'm riding, when it doubt my magnetic Rambo fender goes on.

    If I'm riding someplace really aggressive and I don't want to break my fender, I'll take it off.

    Definitely quieter with it removed.

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