XR is a game changer

  • I had a Onewheel plus that I rode about 200 miles. Decided to upgrade.

    Got my XR about two weeks ago and the experience is totally different.

    I use to worry about going too far and running out of juice.

    With the XR I literally never check the battery gauge.

    Your feet will fall off before you battery will die.

    Rode 10 miles and I was about 60 percent when I got home.

    The range gives you so many more options.

  • @jackiemoon I just finished learning to ride goofy well, and if I switch sides every few miles I can easily outlast the XR battery 😎 also my left knee feels better.

    I live on steep hills so I don’t get more than 14-15 miles from a change, but with my charge and ride setup I have 5 extra amp-hours so there’s still no such thing as range anxiety ;)

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