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    Remember, we made these things to make you smile. If you have an issue with your board shoot us an email at and we will make sure to get you back in action :)

    My board died! What should I do?
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    Any best practices for charging?
    No need to overthink charging - plug it in when you're low and be back in action in no time. You actually can't overcharge your board so there's no harm leaving it on the charger overnight. If you are going to be leaving your board in the garage for a while be sure to leave it fully charged.

    What should I keep my tire pressure at?

    We'd recommend keeping your tire pressure around 15-20psi. You can also alter your tire pressure depending on environmental factors or your personal preferences. For example if you find yourself riding off road often you may want to keep your tire on the low end of the spectrum, whereas if you use your board as a commuter and want maximum range you will want to keep your tire closer to 20psi.
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    I think my tire has a leak!
    If you notice that you need to refill your air pressure often we've found that tire slime works quite well to eliminate micro leaks. If you do decide to use tire slime, make sure you ride around for about 10 minutes after applying the slime to spread it all over the inside of the tire. Here's some that works great:

    If you happened to gash your tire substantially we can offer to service your board to replace the tire. Changing the tire involves taking apart the entire board including the hub motor and recalibrating the board after it has been reassembled so it needs to be done in-house. You can order a tire change here and we'd be happy to get it swapped out and on it's way back to you.

    My Crash Block cracked! What do I do?
    End blocks are designed as wear components and are intended to take a beating. If one of your end blocks cracks or needs to be replaced it's no big deal, they are easily swappable. You can get a spare pair of end blocks here

    Foot Pad Change -

    My battery reading is incorrect on my app. What should I do?
    Julian our all-star electrical engineer suggests that you leave your board charged overnight to essentially re-calibrate the battery cells.The battery is measured by one of the many battery cells and different cells may hold different amounts of charge over time. If you charge your board for a long period of time all the cells should balance in their charge.

    I was trying to install the new firmware and my app crashed. Now my board doesn’t work. What’s happening?
    Don’t worry, your board is not broken. If your app crashes in the middle of an upload it will alter how the board works. Your board actually can still turn on and off, it's just that the LED light won't illuminate - confusing I know... If you plug your board into its charger the board will be on even if it does not display any lights. Then delete and reinstall your Onewheel app on your phone and initiate the update again. Once your board is successfully updated it will function normally.

    Onewheel Error Codes
    Error codes are communicated by blinking sequences on your power button. Here's what each error code means.
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    Common Error Codes

    I'm getting an Error 1 (or Error 2)! What should I do?
    Both Errors 1 and 2 signify that your Onewheel is low on charge. Go plug your board in for a bit and you should be set to jet.

    My Board is blinking 3 times. What's up?
    Error 3 means your board is experiencing too much voltage. Error 3 may be triggered by giving your board a full charge and then going down a hill. Regenerative breaking will kick going downhill and can actually over charge your board causing an error 3. Be sure to ride around for a minute or two before going downhill on a full charge!

    My Board is blinking 4 times. What’s happening? (Error 4)
    Error 4 is an invalid start-up orientation. In order for the Onewheel to orient itself, it needs to be placed on the ground in riding position when it is turned on. If it is not on the ground in riding position and it is turned on (often times folks will turn it on while they're holding it vertically) it will give you an error 4 and will not activate. Put your board on the ground, cycle your power (turn the board off and then back on) and you should be good to go.

    I'm getting Error 6 or 16. What's up?
    You're trying too hard bro. Your Onewheel's motor stalled for too long and the unit shut down to protect itself. This can happen easily at low speeds trying to go up steep inclines, bumps or cracks. Cycle your power (turn the board off and then back on) and you should be good to go.

    My board is blinking 15 times. What’s happening? (Error 15)
    Error 15 is a footpad error. In order for the footpad sensor to zero, it must not be engaged while the board is powered on. If you are holding the sense pad with your hand or stepping on it with your foot while your turn the board on it will give you an error 15 and not activate. Take your hand off the sense pad and cycle the power and you should be ready to shred.

    What's error 16?
    We know, it's not even on the sheet. Error 16 means your battery isn't talking to your controller properly. If you're getting an error 16 shoot us an email at and we'll get you taken care of.

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