Do I need float plates or rail protectors?

  • I ride on the road and some trails in the wood. Not doing any tricks or nonsense.

    Do I need float plates or rail protectors?

  • Absolutely not. Those things are pretty useless if you aren’t putting your board through some
    (very) serious abuse. The Onewheel is built like a tank.

  • @jackiemoon
    Float plates are great because they not only protect your underside from damage, but they make drops more fun,
    and give you piece of mind while doing so. You will eventually make your way to dropping off small curbs and stuff, I think most do because it's natural progression.
    With that being said, I don't know what model you have, the + or XR, but if you decide you want float plates, send me a msg because I have a new set of float plates for a + in black.
    Enjoy your --o-- !!!

  • @jackiemoon

    Even just riding off road, I've nailed the back of the board on roots hard enough to shatter the factory plastic casings. Float Plates (@jeffmccosker ) are like a $35 insurance plan in my opinion. No real impact on ground clearance, protect the factory electronics from intentional and unintentional abuse and help you slide if you ever do nose dive on pavement.

    I happily have them on my OW+ and XR.

  • Only if you are concerned about scratches and scrapes on your OW.

  • I can post a few pics of broken controller module and battery casing covers if you want? One added benefit is you aren't worried to let other people try your board because they won't be able to scrape it up when they crash if you have Float Plates and Sidekicks.

  • @jeffmccosker
    Thanks to all for the thoughts
    For regular road riding likely unnecessary

    I rode in the woods with a lot of rocks and the board was taking a beating

    If you have pics that might convince me

    Not really worried about battle scars on the rails


  • @jackiemoon opinions are rarely changed via the internet!

    My OW+ took a beating when I first got it and I let a dumb friend try it who did more damage in 5 minutes than I had in 100 miles... I know it's cosmetic, but it's an expensive toy for me and I don't mind keeping it looking fresh.

    I didn't take my XR out on the street until my plates and sidekicks were installed. It will remain clean looking for life... just my preference.

    Oh yeah and I have dents in my float plates from off roading, so I know I've gotten my money's worth and then some.

  • This forum is whack and won't let me post photos :/
    Off the top of my head, the winner of this year's Race For The Rail, Dave Stewart busted a hole in his battery casing and killed his board before he put on float plates. Soup from Hover Hooligans destroyed his connections cover and had a runaway board that blasted into me without float plates. Mike T. blasted a giant crack across his controller module housing at FloatLife Fest last year about an hour after I was giving him a hard time for not having Float Plates.

  • After paying a hefty price for my XR, I don't mind paying an additional $44 bucks to give it some additional protection.