XR Turns Off Immediately [Multiple issues with my XR]

  • So I've been having trouble with my XR for a few days now. 2 days ago I took it to DC to right around with a friend. It started raining a little but I didn't stop riding. I wasn't riding in a flood or anything, just slight drizzles. Board took it like a champ. After 2 charges worth of the XR I threw it in his car and we went back to the hotel. The next morning it wouldn't turn on. Plugging it in would give a 16 blink error code (Battery Management System isn't talking to the control module correctly). App could connect when it is plugged in. Said the board was at 0%. I knew it was somewhere around 80% so it wasn't right. I took the board with me during the car ride up to NYC. When I got there, the power LED was pulsing in my trunk (I didn't press it). I put it on the ground and power cycled a few times. I got the board to power on and I cruised around for a little at slow speeds. Then, I thought I should clean it really good before I attempt anything else. Disassembled the whole unit (Which required me to remove a warranty void sticker. Complete bullshit as I wasn't disassembling a specific module, but rather removing them from the side rails.) and cleaned it off with some IPA. Removed most of the dirt I could. Assembled it all back together and went right back to where I started. Wouldn't turn on. Charger returned a 16 blink error code. After 2 reassembles I was able to power on and ride it around the basement. But shortly after it wouldn't turn on anymore. 16 blink error code on charge.

    Most recent update:
    Contacted Future motion the day it happened. It is labor day weekend in the US so I won't receive a response likely until Tuesday. I'm going to call them until somebody picks up.

    Now the board has a solid blue light when plugged in. When I power it on, it powers off 2 seconds later. But I can engage the board prior to the power off. Something is causing it to turn off. Going to leave it plugged in overnight and see if it helps anything. The app now says it is at 100% charge. If I get the same error I will take it apart again the assure the connections. Will keep this thread updated through the whole process with FM, as I do not see many people documenting their repair service.

    If any kind souls have any ideas I would really appreciate it. A new BMS, an out of warranty repair, and shipping will likely run up <$500.

  • @Sal I had the same issue except I've never even rode in a drizzle. Got geared up to ride and was getting the 16 blink error code. I called FM customer support and had to send it in, now just waiting to get it back.

  • Update. Called Future Motion at 9AM PST. Rep picked up within a few seconds. Explained to him the issue of the board immediately turning off. Told me it has to go in for service and he will be sending out labels today. Very quick response and great customer service. Nothing like the horror stories I hear on the subreddit.
    Received the labels around 4pm and shipped it out today at 7.

  • @Sal Just a quick update, I got an email with tracking info from FM. Doesn't say what was fixed but at least it's on it's way home! Hope you get yours back soon too!

  • @Sal hi.. Same story here in nyc...almost exactly. My board is staying on on its own after 16 blinks and being dead for a while. Any updates on what causes it? Was it the rain? Something else?

  • @Solemero I never was told what was fixed but I got it back, and I'm back to living the dream! FM customer service treated me right, no complaints here.

  • Hey Sal,

    You Should be aware of this article as according to the Federal Trade Commission company offered warranties are not void due to particular services or use with particular parts. Companies are using the term warranty as more of a marketing scheme instead of its intended meaning.


    I'm glad to hear they were going to help you out with it. I'm experiencing battery management system failures as well and will likely have to send my board in as well.

    All in good time.


  • @Devon what did it cost you?

  • @Solemero didn't cost me anything, I don't know what was fixed but it was taken care of under the warranty and I'm very pleased with my experience with FM customer service.

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