Grip tape and sensor pad moving

  • Hey guys, new to the forum and the board here. I'm noticing my grip tape and even the sensor pad underneath are shifting slightly. Is this cause for concern? Not seeing any performance issues but I've already broken a rib and a wrist and really don't need another fall til I recover from this last one. I'd change out the griptape but i'm concerned that also voids the warranty? 1_1536103282809_0904181650a.jpg 0_1536103282809_0904181644b.jpg

  • @Slimer
    This happened with my XR. The grip had moved about 1/4 to 3/8 inch. On a new footpad, about 1/8" of wood is visible at the top. Mine slid far enough that at least 1/8" of the grip tape was hanging over the edge. I did not experience any issues with it or unpredictable behavior. The two-sided sensor did not seem to be affected. I did open a support case and have sent the footpad in to be looked at. That's the current status. So far I've been very happy with the support, communication, and response times from Future Motion.

  • Same happened to me. My guess is this happens due to heat. When I re-gripped my sensor side I handled removal by leaving it in the sun for 20 minutes on a hot day, which was almost too much - the top layer of the plastic sensor sandwich also started to peel in a couple spots.

    I used sharp, fine point scissors to trim the edges that began to overhang due to slippage.

  • Mine is doing it too and I first noticed it after only 40 miles or so. I've heard that the FM fender, which I have, trends to push it around. I will probably open a ticket when winter sets in.

  • @cheenster Damn yours is worse than mine for sure. If the sensor pad is moving I guess I should open a ticket too while my warranty's still good. Keep us posted on what FutureMotion says about your footpad?

  • @jlk250

    There is a chance they will just send you a new foot pad if you call for a warranty claim. Might be worth calling now. The foot pad is only 4 x bolts and a plug to replace.

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