XR fully charged battery & rapid self-discharge/ voltage drop

  • If I fully change my board until the charger light goes green, then wait a few minutes and turn on the board it NEVER reads 63.0v like I would expect. It will at like 62.5 and slowly dropping. Next day it will be more like 61.5, still without any usage....

    Is this normal?

  • Not sure about the voltage, but I do notice this with the remaining battery percentage. When my board reaches 100%, I unplug it and set it down to ride only to look at the app and it suddenly reads 99%. Didn't even use it! How could it drop?

  • So I don't checked the voltage but I recognized the same. Fully loaded and turned on it "only" shows 99% and and that moment I put my foot on the sensors the reading drops to 98%
    So would be really interesting why this happens and now I know that others are also be affected.
    I've tried to fully discharge the battery. Was riding it til low battery pushback, turned off and on again an burned the battery down. Also a 48h charge doesn't mangaged this problem. Have had the same issue with my + but there it had worked with burning it to death and recharge overnight.