2019 Onewheel? Suspension?

  • I love my onewheel plus and want to upgrade to XR, but its gonna be a one off with importing so am i better off waiting till ces 2019 in a couple months to see the next Onewheel? But what would they even change? , the xr seems perfect, upgrade speed? But that might be to dangerous for the mass public, have a look at this paitent from future motion though:

    onewheel suspension

    Could next years have suspension? What do you think about that?

  • @nz-wheeler
    I am hoping suspension would not be on the new OW.

    • Using offroad OW is too low for it to function as drawn in diagrams. But , maybe if it was raised significantly. I would rather have bigger tire with more power. Would be nice for street cruising though.

    • I wonder how the added weight of suspension will be dealt with. My thing is riding on sand so staying lean is key for me.

    • There are other things I'd rather wish for. But oh well , I have no influence here and the direction of OW innovation is with forward progress .