2019 Onewheel? Suspension?

  • I love my onewheel plus and want to upgrade to XR, but its gonna be a one off with importing so am i better off waiting till ces 2019 in a couple months to see the next Onewheel? But what would they even change? , the xr seems perfect, upgrade speed? But that might be to dangerous for the mass public, have a look at this paitent from future motion though:

    onewheel suspension

    Could next years have suspension? What do you think about that?

  • @nz-wheeler
    I am hoping suspension would not be on the new OW.

    • Using offroad OW is too low for it to function as drawn in diagrams. But , maybe if it was raised significantly. I would rather have bigger tire with more power. Would be nice for street cruising though.

    • I wonder how the added weight of suspension will be dealt with. My thing is riding on sand so staying lean is key for me.

    • There are other things I'd rather wish for. But oh well , I have no influence here and the direction of OW innovation is with forward progress .

  • I don't care for suspension. Waterproof, swappable batteries, and add some foam to stop ferrite ring from rattling.

  • @nz-wheeler that’s really quite interesting. I wonder what the markup will be.

  • Please make it trackable. I'd pay 10 dollars a month if I could have it be trackable :D

  • @Fresh that is a most excellent idea which made me look for a solution. It might become a hassle but I found this tracker for only $50. I’m not sure but it would kick ass if it fit into the control board side but seeing as I don’t own one yet, I’m not sure how much room there is. The hassle would be that the battery only lasts 2 weeks so you’d have to open your board up every two weeks to recharge the thing but it would give me a little peace of mind were it to float away. Personally I can’t see myself leaving it where I couldn’t see it (and know it wasn’t safe) but, things happen and there are shitty people in this world. Let me know if you find anything better but for $50 and no monthly fees and real time tracking it seems like a viable alternative until they incorporate something like this into the board.

  • Before you buy that tracker, I think it has gimmicky wording. There's no monthly "contract". They didn't say there was no month cost :P Access to GPS positioning is freely available but without cellular communication, there's no way to send its position back. I'm highly skeptical that it's free per month. I was thinking of getting a cat tracker. They tend to cost 7 or 8 bucks a month. Whistle has ATT connectivity for 7 dollars a month. I think cat trackers are thinner as well. Problem is, if someone knows to take it apart before they keep the OW they just stole, they'll find these kinds of things. But if FM built it in properly, disabling it would disable the board.

  • @Fresh wait. I wasn’t done reading. Lol

  • @tomfoolery I had forgot to use "reply" so you'd get a notification there. Doesn't seem I can delete anything here >.>

  • @tomfoolery Have you ever used Tile? https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/products

    I bet you could find a way to stick one of those inside the casing, bumper, somewhere, battery lasts a long time and they're really small. They're only bluetooth, but Tile can help you find stuff through other user's devices if you mark it lost, if they're also Tile users. It'll get picked up by their phone and notify you where your Tile was last seen

  • @jonnyk yes I have seen those and I got one for my girlfriend so she’d stop losing her keys. The thing is, her keys are nowhere as near as expensive as this board so I wouldn’t want to rely on hoping another tile user was nearby. I’d want to know right where it is and exactly where it’s going if it were ever taken.

  • @tomfoolery cool! i was looking for something like that!!

  • @sfCTAC
    You can have swappable batteries and tons of range right now using the Ranger from www.land-surf.com.

  • @hoovdini do you have the + model? I’m still working towards getting a board and I’m aiming for the sky. I really want the XR. The ranger kit is a great idea but I’m already a fat ass and don’t want to add any more weight than I have to. Lol. Nice shout out on that option for people that already have the + model and are looking for further range, this really is a great product idea and if I’d gotten the + model I’d totally go for this option. Seems like people that want to fly with their boards would have better luck with this option as well seeing as the XR isn’t allowed on planes.

  • @fruitygreen hey buddy. I did some heavy reading on that patent. If you go through it, there’s two styles of shocks with three variations of ride height. You can just scroll all the way through the pics to near the end and see that one of the configurations puts the board well above the axle line.

  • Here’s another page I found for a different kind of suspension. This allows the rider to keep his available foot space on the decks.

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