Surestance Pro footpad!!!

  • Holy SH#*!!T This one accessory is the biggest innovation/improvement for the OW since the new hypercore motor!

    Gives you a whole new level of precision in your steering and board control. I couldn't stop noodling around weaving in and out of tight curves and corners. Could immediately steer right around small obstacles with a insane level of control!

    It did feel weird the first few minutes and seemed to put a bit more torque on my knees due to the fact that my back foot barely moved on the board. My back foot felt almost 'glued' down! After 5-10 minutes the knees loosened up (I'm old) and the rest of my ride was just a whole new and joyful experience. Can easily see why folks that ride with this footpad NEVER go back..

  • @AS

    Have you tried the OneTail Classic or the Cobra Pad for comparison?

  • @skyman88 Are those the ones made by Craft & Ride? You have them and dig them?

  • @AS

    I have tried the OneTail+ but not Classic. I wasn't a huge fan of the original OneTail but the Classic looks perfect. This the same amount of rise but on a shorter more stock looking foot pad.

    And a few locals have the Cobra Pad, it makes a huge difference. This one is a game changer for off road riding.

  • Thanks @skyman88 ...I think I'll try one of Craft n' Ride's Onetails. They both look nice..

  • I have both the Onetail+ and the Cobra pad. I prefer the Cobra hands down. Onetail+ is ok, but I don't use the extra length and the curve does not lock me in like the Cobra. In fact, I plan to add a Cobra pad to the front, as well. It's on order, but waiting for sensors to become available. The Cobra has really given me more confidence in my riding.