Better Nosedive Warning

  • Weve all been there (I hope), pushed it to fast and nose dived, theres a kick back but sometimes your in the moment and cant feel this slight adjustment before its to late,

    Maybe like a led on footpad or the headlights start blinking, maybe a small buzzer in the board that makes a sound? Just some small thing thats alot more obvious that can tell us "your at max speed dont push it"

  • @nz-wheeler

    I think the issue is you'd get the warning at 14-15 mph, when pushback occurs, and then past that it's a game of if and/or when for nose dives. I think most folks would be past the warning when they have an issue. If you are looking for a warning when the nose goes down... it's already going to be to late.

  • I was thinking the same thing, so last weekend I made one using an Arduino and an IR range sensor. I just posted a short video about it.

    It defiantly helps to warn you when you get close but the buzzer does get annoying. It would be nice if it could be built into the board with the ability to turn it on/off.

  • @dustingamble wow thats so cool, nice work thats awesome

  • 1st - how about a shut down that is more controlled that brings the onewheel to a stop while still in ballance. 2nd an audible signal that increases in frequency and or volume before shut down. This would give ample notification, especially if there was an opportunity to hear the signal on the app. People are getting hurt and this is not a $400 toy.

  • @dream

    Have you ridden an EUC with the voice speaking "slow down" when you hit the max speed? haha... no thanks.

    The issue here is in loud traffic or for people who are hard of hearing, etc... push back works. it's physical.

    I still find it hard to believe a beep that happens as your nose diving will help. If the board beeped at 14-15 mph, people would still push past it... after that you're on your own.

  • After riding a bit with the beeper I do not think an audible beep sound is right way to do it. The beeper would really only beep when first setting off and going up hills. The beep was also very annoying. It never beeped at speed, anything greater 10mph, push back does a really good job keeping you safe. If there was ground detection sensor, then that could keep the nose of the board from touch the ground by "pushing back" and give you some tilt bias. So push back before the nose hits from a range sensor. The ToF range sensor is pretty good at that. On level ground the board does a great job, but no always up hill. Elevate gives it a tilt bias nose high but isn't good on level ground. I go up a couple hills on my commute but don't bother to stop and change setting. Plus this little guy makes the boar look ugly so I rode with it a few times to see what it was like then put it back on the "has been" project shelf.