flat tire risks?

  • New Onewheel owner here.

    Was looking at my bicycle bag, and I saw the tire irons, the patch kit, and the spare inner tube. It got me thinking: is getting a flat on the Onewheel a thing? Obviously, you'd want to avoid obvious puncture obstacles on the road, but has anyone experienced flat tires in any way? I suppose with Ubers everywhere nowadays, it's no problem getting home, but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experiences.

  • @boardyandsoul
    I’ve thought the same thing

    Tire seems to be fairly thick and rubbery

    I wonder if you could put Stan’s Tubeless tire fluid in there. It works awesome on my Mt biking tires

  • @jackiemoon @boardyandsoul

    The OW tire comes with "tire Slime" in it from the factory. It can completely seal small holes in your tire and when you finally wear through it, you'll start seeing it seep out.

    I got a nail in my tire which required an automotive tire patch to fix. I put another few hundred miles on my tire and it's been great. Slime is a good preventative measure to take but any other repair requires deflating and inflating your tire again and my not be practical to carry. You can find some pretty slick small rechargable bike pumps on Amazon also.

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