Overcharged Battery after firmware update

  • Yesterday I was happily riding my onewheel xr around without any problems. When I got home, I opened the app on my phone and it said a firmware update was needed.

    I followed the instructions given to me.

    1. Kept my phone within 5ft from my board
    2. plugged my board into charger
    3. did not multitask on my phone while updating

    As soon as the update was finished, i unplugged my board from the charger. My battery had jumped from 90% to 99% in a matter of 4 minutes. As soon as i tried getting on it to ride it, I got a warning saying the battery was overcharged. My LED is blinking three times and stopping repeatedly, signaling for overcharge.

    My onewheel is my only method of transportation so this is upsetting. Anyone have tips

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