Please enable a offline recording for new track in the app

  • Hello there,

    i do not have a smartphont, but a "Glaxy Tab A" i installed the Onewheel app and it works like a charm. But when i want to record a new track then it tells me that i have to be connected to the internet.

    Please provide a offline recording mode where i can record my ride offline and then upload it when i can acces to a w-lan.

  • I'm not 100% sure, but I would say the reason there is no offline mode is because the app utilized GPS to track your ride, which in turn needs a network connection.

  • Disagree,

    The GPS-Sensor gives the actual position, and offline maps are no problem. My Garmin Oregon 650 is able to record my tracks without any Internet connection.

  • Yes to this feature.

    What I really want is that it records all of my rides on my phone (offline or not) and keeps them private until I publish/share with the community. I don’t know how many cool rides I’ve taken where I forget to record until too late. It would be great to have a list of 20 most recent rides.

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