Please share the Bloothoth communication protocol.

  • Hello there,

    i do not have a smartphone, but a bluetooth receiver an Atmega controller and asmall display. i would love to display max speed and some other statistics while riding.

    Please provide a specification sheet for the Bluetooth communication.

  • In the hope that someone reads this and is willing to help.

    Meanwhile i connected my PC to the HC05 Device (Bluetooth Module from Arduino) and entered the AT-Mode

    I entered

    AT+ROLE=1 (This switches the device into Master Mode)

    Normally then i have to use the Bind command to bind to the onewheel


    But where do i get the Address of the Onewheel ?

    If i ran AT+STATE? i always get "+STATE:INQUIRING"

    Until now i was not able to find out the AT Command that can show which devices are near do my antenna..

  • @corpsman if you have an Android phone, you can use an app called BLE Scanner to find the bluetooth device address of the OneWheel.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks i am making progress.

    By using the following AT+Commands in that order i can scan for devices:

     'AT+RMAAD'    // Löschen des bisherigen Speichers
     'AT+CMODE=1' // Enable connect to any device
     'AT+ROLE=1' // Set to master in order to enable scanning
     'AT+INQM=1,10,24' //RSSI, Max 10 devices, ~30s
     'AT+CLASS=0' // Disable COD filter
     'AT+INIT' // Init
     'AT+INQ' // Suche Starten

    This gives me a list of all Bluetooth devices near, i get a list of 2, where it should be 3. If i use the scan tool that i installed on a tablet, i get a list of 3, and yes the missing one is the onewheel, so it seems that the hc05 Module is not able to "find" the onewheel but my other devices :(

    By the way i tried to pair to the onewheel from my tablet using the default passwords "0000" and "1234" and got the message, that pairing was failed.

    So i have now 2 problems to solve.

    1. Find a module that is able to detect the OneWheel
    2. Find out the password that is needed to pair with the OneWheel..