One Wheel+ [**** FOR SALE - used for 3 months***]

  • Bought One Wheel in February '18, received it in March '18 stopped riding it in June '18.

    No longer have the commute to work, which is why I bought the One Wheel. No longer have as much time to ride it. Board is slightly used, in great condition.

    Based in MIAMI, FL, but will ship to US. If you want to buy it internationally, shipping cost will need to be paid by buyer.

    Odometer Total is 47 MI.

    I paid the following:
    1x Fender Kit - Fender Kit - Bundle Plus for $65.37 each
    1x Bumpers - Onewheel+ - Bundle Plus for $34.63 each
    1x Onewheel+ - OneWheel Plus - Bundle Plus for $1,499.00 each
    TOTAL: $1,599.00 USD

    ASKING PRICE: $1,200.00 or best offer...

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    0_1536800057053_ow2.jpg 0_1536800147304_ow3.jpg

  • Not a bad price love to buy but don't have that type of cash on hand at the moment

  • I'll give you 1000 for it ? Can pay paypal today !


  • i will give you $850