Securing OW from powering on

  • @readysetawesome

    It's been done once... but the board needed work at some point and I don't know what happened from there.

  • @readysetawesome I like the idea but what happens when you’re riding and that keys sticking out and snags on something and breaks off in the lock?

  • @tomfoolery Different switch locks work differently but you can get one that is removable in both on and off positions. That's necessary for Option A - it works as an interrupt-style switch that just enables or disables the existing power button. Option B is to replace the original power switch completely with the locking switch mechanism and just turn it to "on" briefly in order to simulate the power button push, immediately back to off, then remove the key. So with Option B you need the key to power off as well.

  • Why not keep it simple? A lockable cover over the power button? That way the internals stay the same.
    Although, I do not know why you would not just carry the board wherever you are going. Even if it were some sort of secured building, I'm sure there are trustworthy personnel whose reception area will hold it.

  • I wonder if there is a design for a “boot” like lock similar to ones they put on cars that is small and portable or that possibly shows attached to the board.

  • I was thinking about getting this bike lock with built in audible alarm. They advertise you carrying your surfboard down to the beach, but I wouldn't leave that OW laying around while I was out there catching some waves unlocked.

  • @PKinthewater not a bad idea. Running down the street with a board that was beeping would certainly draw attention to it. Wonder what kind of “lo jack” system you could use to track it after that though.

  • @schreda I would want the feature to prevent my teen kids (or anyone else without my express permission) from riding the board when I'm away. We lock our phones with a PIN or pattern, lock our houses with keys and our cars with fobs. I even prevent inadvertent app purchases with some secondary security. Why not for the OW too?

  • I know it's a stretch, but I'd love to see provision for using an NFC key, like a yubikey or one of the NFC rings, to lock/unlock the Onewheel.

  • I addressed this directly with FM a month ago with this suggestion:

    To prevent unwanted access, use/theft of ones OW, why not have the unit ping the mobile device that is synced with, to be active.

    Use finger prints/facial recognition to “unlock” the OW for use? Also, for potential hijacks, have the OW cut out when out of range of the mobile device and have the app contain a “kill switch”.

    Should be an easy code.

    This was their response:

    Thank you for the note. We are highly appreciative when riders like you send in suggestions. I think that is an awesome idea and I will pass this email on to the proper department.

    Thanks again for reaching out and most importantly, have fun shredding!

    All the best,

    I expect some form of my suggestion to be implemented into the app in the future by the sounds of it.