Securing OW from powering on

  • This would be a killer feature, if it would be possible to protect the OW from powering on with a password or even better by fingerprint with the OW App.

  • @schreda

    I wouldn't want it... too much risk of falling and cracking your phone or something going wrong. This request has come up in the past but folks were definitely not all on board.

  • @skyman88 agree, it would open up another potential point of failure
    @schreda perhaps a physical power on "key" that only allows the board to operate when inserted, rather than a button.

    The stories I've seen where someone just powers on the board and rides away could be solved by something like this. It would be much easier to catch someone lugging away a OneWheel than watching them ride away on your expensive toy!

  • @OneDan That sounds like a good idea. A physical security lock like we have it in our cars would be a good solution! Sometimes i need to leave the onewheel outside of a building and then i secure it with a robust bike lock chain around the metal frame next to the wheel. But i always have to carry that heavy lock chain..

  • @schreda

    So you’d leave your board outside without a physical lock on it? I’d strongly recommend always securing it if you do need to leave it out of sight. Too easy to pick up and run/walk away with.

    The only people that would know your OW wasn’t rideable would be another OW owner. Likewise, how many people have been able to jump on your board and starting riding well enough to flee a crime scene? If someone is riding off with your board it sounds like another OW owner