New XR, 100% Charge, 7mi Range?

  • Hey, I’m a newb, so apologies if I should know this.
    Just got my brand new XR. App says it’s 100% charged, but also says it has a 7mi range.
    Is this normal?
    It is just sitting there, so it shouldn’t be based off of riding behavior, environment, incline, etc.
    I was expecting to see 12-18mi range because that is what the XR is spec’d at.
    Was wondering if I should contact support.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Has to be an app issue.
    I'm 220lbs and have consistently gotten over 15miles out of a charge and my son at 135lbs consistently gets over 20.
    I'm sure there will be some wear on the batteries, so over time that will likely drop some. Right now we have around 200miles on ours.

    p.s. These numbers are assuming somewhat level ground. If your going uphill the whole way, then your mileage will definitely vary.

  • I also think that is an app issue.
    If I remember correctly (I usually just look at the battery charge), if I go from hills one day to flat the next day then the range on screen will on startup be low then creep up as I ride.
    If so then it means that the initial number is just a default number (or based on previous ride), you need to ride for a few minutes so that it has some more data to be able to make an estimation.

    I wish the app could somehow be more clear that it the range it shows is an estimation, and let the user drill down to understand how that estimate came to be.

    Same goes for the battery charge, I would like to be able to drill down to see the state of each cell.

  • Thanks! Glad to hear that this is probably just an app issue and not a board defect.

  • Turn off all app notifications, switch to mission or delirium, and go ride.

  • Went riding yesterday and today. Saw expected mileage for a big guy like myself; 12+ miles on relatively average incline/decline. I’m in love with this thing already. I find myself thinking about riding when I’m not riding.

  • @eckit That's one of the early stages... soon you'll be staring at grassy hills and looking for grass bowls to ride when out with friends.