Awesome 20+Miles on our XR’s, who said it could do only 18!

  • Awesome 20.06mile ride with my son on our XR’s

    Was a great ride minus a pretty fun (not) noise dive trying to catch my son who wanted to rip by some longboarders going full speed.

    Later found out that the crash apparently disconnected my board so when we had gotten about 10miles and mine said I still had 67%, I knew something was up....reset the bike and yep...40% with the realization we have been mainly riding downhill...remember the comment about chasing the longboarders... Big DOH. 10+ miles away and not enough juice....then realized... hey, my 50yo, 220lbs asses board is at 40% so what is my 15yo buck-25 son’s wheel at? Yup. Way better... 61%.

    Hell we are in business!

    After I convinced my son that if my board ran out while he was riding it, I would carry it the rest of the way (haha NOT), we were on our way. So we turned our asses around and ran it back. About half way back we stopped to give our feet a rest (and the boards thinking that if the battery and motor cooled down a little, we may squeak out an extra mile or so).

    20.06 Miles later, we make it to the car, stoked and with 1% battery on my board and 4% on his. P.s. yes...we were watching the battery close that last mile....didn’t want my son to take a nose dive...or did I? *smile

    These damn things are the best thing next to sliced bread...screw that, the OneWheel is the best thing my 50yo ass has ever had.

    3_1536963534816_7481727F-3B94-435A-BC1F-EFC81CE5E704.jpeg 2_1536963534816_87927EE4-2B8A-49BA-9B25-2D5A34ECAC99.jpeg 1_1536963534816_99D6DF32-FD8C-493B-A992-9189DB0AD09D.jpeg 0_1536963534806_55090BD3-186C-40BA-9E5C-B217E2104A2F.jpeg


  • Great story @Sertain - thx for sharing! From your screenshots I see you guys were riding within a couple miles of me! I'm in Folsom - would love to connect and ride with you guys sometime! Call/txt me if you're game? Five-oh-three seven-five- three three-four-five-seven


  • @Sertain that’s awesome man!!! I can’t wait to get one.

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