Just got new one and would like to know about recharge

  • Hello, i got a new one, the battery lasts forever, ( i have XR) is bad i recharge even if is not fully used? like is 60% and i recharge, is better finish and then recharge?
    Sorry, im new in this kind thing.
    But i love my new toy :)

  • @candicehorie I would suggest riding it more before charging again unless you plan to go on a much longer ride, if you are using about 40% of your battery power each ride you could ride twice and bring down to 20% or a little less before charging. I usually will bring mine down to between 7-10% before hooking up to charge. Welcome to the float life!

  • There is no reason you ever need to drain a LiPo below 50% if you don't want to. Draining rechargeable batteries to near zero hasn't been helpful since the ancient times of NiMh batteries.

    If you want to be paranoid, it may be good to avoid charging to 100% all the time. If you find yourself using only 30% capacity you could try to keep your battery in the 50-80% charge range, for the sake of longevity.

    Rather than state of charge I focus more on temperature extremes, especially heat - a onewheel sitting in the sun on a summer day can really start to bake and batteries degrade much more quickly in extreme heat regardless of their state of charge.

  • thank you! :)

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