XR shuts off with a click, bad customer service

  • Has anyone else been extremely frustrated with Customer Support from Future Motion. I filed a ticket (69256 in case any from FM reads this) weeks ago. It languished untouched for 9 days, until I gave up and called, talked briefly to a person named Jon, who asked that I upload videos of my 'never heard of that before of problem'. I did as soon as I got his note in the support site. That was six days ago. Since then silence.

    Today I decided to try calling again. 5 minutes of bad muzak later, and it disconnects me. Weird. So I call again, same result disconnected just the muzak was getting to the saxophone part. Third time I tried the sales-extension, since maybe it might be more eagerly answered - same result.

    Not sure what to do at this point.

    I am sitting at day 15 of pretty bad customer support for a 2000ish dollar purchase. In the course the last two weeks, I have gone from being an evangelizer of this magical device, to now not being able to recommend it with any degree of confidence.

    My issue in case folks are curious...
    XR shutting off with a click as soon as you turn it on; no blink codes. If you try to start in invalid state, e.g. with pressure pads, appropriate blink codes happen. Happened right after I picked it up to carry so I could help my 4yo cross the street on her bike. It was working before I crossed the street, and wouldn't work after. Very strange. I had up to this point put less than 50mi on the thing. No water, exclusively enjoyed on asphalt while I found my 'sea-legs'.

  • An update: decided to repeat call on my commute today, and miraculously got in touch with another human. They are sending tracking labels, and hopefully I will back to floating along soon. Will write back further steps as they transpire.

  • Have exactly the same issue with my XR. Currently waiting for the label from FM.
    Only 80km on the clock.

  • @tyzion @Vitaly

    Dang, never heard of this one before. Let us know if you get any details as to what the issue is... I hope you guys have quick turn around so you can get back to enjoying the float life.

  • Not a "never before seen issue". Mine did the same thing after 4 days. I took it off the charger, and it would only stay on if it started up with an error like wrong orientation or contact with footpads. There were two cells out of balance, which may have caused a safety shutdown of some kind.

    I didn't have it back for very long before cells started going out of balance again, to the point where one keeps going up until it triggers an overcharge error.

  • Update 3: Shipping labels in hand, I also asked that they send me a box so that I could ship it back, which took about a week to get to me; but I am grateful to have it nonetheless. Overpacking it tonight, and sending it off and hoping for the best. Will start a timer when I send it off :)

  • @tyzion Just a heads up, when I sent mine in it took 1 month from the day I shipped it off until it was back to me and I’m only a few hours away from San Jose. I hope you have better luck. I just sent in the same OW again today for another issue. I’m hoping it doesn’t take another month to get back. That would be 2 months without my board that I’ve had for less than a year.

  • Well then! I work a few minutes away from where I am sending the damned thing. I already am counting the money spent as a loss/unfortunate waste -- when it comes back working, and I get to enjoy it again, I'll consider it an awesome surprise. But at this point my expectations have been sufficiently lowered that I am not going to get my hopes up very high.

  • Received a polite robo-note from OW letting me know they got my OW and its in with the service folks now. Mysteriously it took a week via FedEx ground labels to travel the 30 miles to get there (I drive these same 30miles twice a day daily for work). Maybe this story will have a happy ending. :D

  • I think they have a similar problem to Tesla did early on - successful cutting edge product, some kinks in the tech, and not enough repair centers - so FM becomes a support/repair bottleneck. It's a growing pain problem to a certain extent and how they deal with it is a predictor of whether they will still be in biz in 5 years.

  • @SurfingPanda I am generally inclined to agree. No update to speak of as of yet.

    I am definitely regretting the XR -- I made the mistake that thinking a third gen product would be more solid than prior, but now I realize my folly.

  • An update -- after asking 5 days ago on my ticket about status, I heard back that 'today' my board is going out for a test-ride, and that I will be getting a tracking label should that go well.

    Here is my guess when I will see my board based on my experiences so far:

    By Saturday: 5% chance
    By Next Saturday: 10% chance
    Before November: 20% chance
    Sometime in November: 65% chance

  • @tyzion I've had the same issue with the phone system there. Finally got an email back by using the online ticket. Hope FM is reading these. Everyone of us wants to be a sales rep for them, but the service needs to be there, like you said.

  • Pigs flew! My board is back to me and works - no word on what the problem was (I just reached out to see if they'd tell me).

    Best advice I have for folks who get a OneWheel -- is to keep the boxes. :) That way it is easier to send it in when it mysteriously breaks. :)

  • Got an answer back about what happened -- something internal wasn't behaving to spec, so I am gonna chalk it up to "resist the temptation to buy v1 of iteration 3 of a product". Having fun again! Hooray

  • @tyzion
    Glad to hear it all worked out. Enjoy the XR