Newbie here

  • Hello all I am a complete newbie to this and I am loving my XR. I have about 15 miles on it but I am still experiencing back foot fatique. Does it get better? Or am I doing it wrong!

  • @Maverik I too am a newb. But foot fatigue instantly got better for me once I loosened up and trusted the board.
    The first few days, I found myself attempting to figuratively hold onto the surface of the board with my toes, through the soles of my shoes. I was so concerned about the dreaded nosedive—I was way too tense. My feet hurt in a matter of minutes.
    My turning point was when I took my XR to the beach this past weekend. I road barefoot and pushed the board to its limits, nosediving in the process—but I was on sand, I was able to just run off the front.
    This day of safe experimentation relaxed me tremendously. I know what I can and can’t do.
    An additional thing to try is to lower the psi in the tire. It comes from the factory at 21psi. I felt every bump and crack at 21 lbs which didn’t help me relax at all. I lowered my tire to 15psi. Now it feels like I’m floating (as others describe riding the onewheel).
    I hope this helps!

  • @eckit thanks I’ll give that a shot!

  • @Maverik as you ride more an more those stabilizing muscles that your using will get stronger and you'll get less fatigue. I regularly ride 15-16 miles straight and I get fatigue in both legs and sometimes numbness on my rear foot by the end of it, but it's worth it! Just keep at it and it will subside. Congrats on your XR and float on bro!

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