LED Lighting?

  • Anyone think to give their OW a little flair with some underside ambience?

  • @Coeurmasque yes! I bought some EL wire for this very purpose. But I was wondering if there was a way to tie it into the same power the stock lights use instead of the janky, bulky, non-waterproof battery module that EL wire comes with. Just haven’t had the opportunity to experiment yet.

    In other mod news, not sure how everybody else feels about the official OW fender vs third party. But I always felt that the OW fender’s lines flow better with the contours of the board. But I don’t like that OW doesn’t offer a magnetic option vs a bolt-on. I modded the OW fender today to use magnets and it works great!

    Let me know if anyone’s interested and I can share what I did.

  • Thought I'd share a couple quick shots before heading to bed.

    I cannot get the pictures to work so here is off ->Off<-
    And here is on ->On<-

  • @eckit dude. I was totally thinking of doing something like this. I saw a video someone did with the el wire around the board skip to 8:30 to check it out. Then there’s
    this one if you wanna go all out. I kinda like the led strips for light because you can change colors and patterns if you want but the simple el wire looks great too. Would be nice if the OW did something like this. Here’s a video showing how one guy put el wire on his OW. el wire install. I was thinking something like this but routing a space in the decks and possibly running it up under the fender. Another idea that I thought about was using light tape