Footpad sensor sensitivity to atmospheric pressure variations

  • @FabienBien when replacing the grip tape did you put it in the oven or use a hair dryer/ heat gun to loosen the old grip tape?

  • @tomfoolery
    Yes I used a hair dryer to remove the old grip tape. I had no problem for three weeks where I only rode in the mountains.

    Then I went to sea level, and my footpad detected a presence.
    I tried to put a hot blow to the grip with the hair dryer, it seemed to work for a few minutes, as long as the grip was hot, but once it cooled down the problem was the same.

    I went back to the mountains and the problem was gone.

  • @FabienBien wish I could help more. Kinda new here and not yet a OW owner but this is the best I could find. I’d say the sensors can fail quite easily and changing the grip tape with heat at altitude could have had an adverse effect on them. One way to Check

    “Footpad Sensor Test (This test may more easily performed with two people. This test is undertaken at your own risk!):

    Here is a video of the following test conducted with a normally operating Onewheel Plus: Onewheel Footpad Sensor Test

    While powered off, place the Onewheel on level ground in the riding position
    Without touching the sensors, turn the Onewheel on with the power button
    Without touching the sensors pick up the Onewheel and hold it level with hands at opposite ends of the board.
    Position one hand over the front sensor so that the heel of your palm is over one half of the sensor and your thumb is over the other.
    Place pressure on one side of the sensor with the heel of your palm, and on the other side with your thumb. At this point the motor should engage.
    Tip the board forward or back and the wheel should spin.
    Release pressure with your thumb on one half of the foot pad and the wheel should continue to spin.
    Release pressure with the heel of your palm on the other half of the footpad and the motor should almost immediately disengage and the wheel begin coasting to a stop.
    If the motor does not almost immediately disengage when pressure is released from both halves of the sensor, the footpad or controller may be damaged or defective. Contact Future Motion Support:

    I found this information here for reference. Best of luck to you.

  • The above is an unnecessarily complicated and dangerous way to test the foot sensors. If done with a board that does have a sensor stuck on you could end up in a world of hurt, unable to shut the motor off.

    You don’t need to spin the motor to confirm sensor function.

    Instead: leave the board on the floor and push on each side of the sensor pad while watching the OW smartphone app, it will confirm sensor function by showing heel/toe contact with the board displayed on the main screen, right side, just below the odometer.

  • Yes Readysetawesome, I prefer your way to test the sensor ! ;)
    That's what I did.

    Actually, I saw a foot drawn on the smartphone application, when I was trying to start my OW+.

    What is strange and quite "new" is that I only have the problem when I am close to the sea level, and it disappears when I gain altitude.
    And it's not so relative to temperature and to retraction of the grip glue ...

  • Am I the only one to ride my Onewheel over 1500m altitude?

  • @FabienBien I posted a similar problem and someone had responded about this post. My situation is that I purchased a plus with very low miles and no visible damage, from a person in New Mexico. He shipped it to me, when I got it same situation, 15 flash code and message”need my space”, not touching the board. I removed pad and disconnect and reconnect and it worked. Once I secured it didn’t work, did it all again and slowly installed, worked fine. Was going to wait til morning to use it and once again same message. Tried removing pad and now nothing. I contacted the guy I bought it from and he had no problems plus he rode it before he shipped it, and sent screen shot from app. Know I setup a ticket with FM a few days ago with nothing yet. Not sure if that is what changed with mine, but very interesting. Hopefully, both gets fixed, if you figure out anything please let me know and I will do the same. Thnx

  • With the arrival of cold days, my sensor also has some difficulties :
    It works properly inside the house, but after several minutes in the cold, it makes a "ghost rider".

    When someone talks about this kind of problem, they are often told to heat up the grip, for relax the glue.
    In my case it works, but only as long as the footpad stays warm.

    I will try to remove the grip and ride gripless for a while, and see if it's a grip issue or a sensor issue.

  • I had a problem a while back with the foot sensor. I thought it was user error but it kept happening. I called FM, ran some tests, then sent it (footpad) back and they ran test and concluded it was a faulty footpad.

  • I removed the grip and had no problem due to cold temperature
    (This seems to indicate that the glue of the grip could be responsible).

    Then, I put on the footpad the foam "Traction Pad" from ProRide.
    For this, I left the board and the pad outside in the cold for a moment, before sticking the pad.

    Since then, I did not have any "ghost rider" problem.

    To conclude, I had problems with classic skate grip tape from Vicious and Black Diamond, and now that I have ProRide pads everything is fine.